And the best Home Cooking Blog of 2009 is...

Blogger: Deb Perelman
Location: New York City
Blogging Since: 2006
“Great voice and great recipes. Like that friend who cooks like a slightly more ambitious you and can recommend fantastic recipes.” —cinderell6
“Great food photography, awesome recipes! The recipes are classy enough to make you feel like a foodie and easy enough that you don't need a culinary degree! Makes me feel like a kitchen goddess!” —goingmyway
“Witty and humorous writing, fabulous food styling, and incredible recipes that any food enthusiast can enjoy. I have not read a single blog that tops what Deb can do at Smitten Kitchen.” —sdocherty
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171 181 389

The Finalists

Grandmotherskitchen “good recipies and cooking advice done with humour, warmth, and common sense” JMUIR
Sippitysup “Witty and captivating writing style, amazing recipes, great photography and videos.” daydreamerdesserts
Pioneerwoman “Cooking, living on the range, making a farm a home, and great stories to boot.” bryn
Flavorista “Easy straight-forward advice, great recipes and interesting insights on culinary trends and the people in the industry. I read it every day! ” meaux
Lifesafeast “Jamie's blog is a great source of emotions. From food, to life experience she really has a gift in communicating her feelings.” RecipeTaster
Smittenkitchen “Her recipes haven't failed me yet - so warm and unpretentious! Wonderful photos.” iresb

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