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  • “Love their creativity and willingness to tackle a project and get it done quickly” —ksquared21 | View ksquared21's favorites
  • “Their house is gorgeous and their posts are so easy to read.” —Shannalee | View Shannalee's favorites
  • “great visuals to inspire! well written” —christyyyjoy | View christyyyjoy's favorites
  • “These guys are incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, mistakes and personal space. I have read all their posts since inception and I am a better person for it. My house is too! I realize that they have affiliate links on their site, but in my opinion, they still leave too much money on the table. I would love to see them monetize their site even more, so that they will be around for the long haul.” —hbrichard9 | View hbrichard9's favorites
  • “Design and remodeling on a dime!” —sellthesedownfalls | View sellthesedownfalls's favorites
  • “Awesome DIYs” —ee2485 | View ee2485's favorites
  • “They have innovative, easily doable ideas. And they're precious!” —erine85 | View erine85's favorites
  • “They make DIY look doable! Great inspiration daily!” —rissamah | View rissamah's favorites
  • “Easy, practical and doable projects written in fun and witty voice.” —bperry01 | View bperry01's favorites
  • “Regular posts, excellent how to info and the blog is fun and friendly.” —vickiec | View vickiec's favorites
  • “Their attitude and broad range of topics make them an everyday go-to. Plus, they have awesome giveaways!” —grafxnerd | View grafxnerd's favorites
  • “Great blog design, frequent content and they take their dog on their vacations! Ive said this before but these two are like the Brad and Angelina of the home blogger world. ” —mrslimestone | View mrslimestone's favorites
  • “The best, hands down!” —bebrown410 | View bebrown410's favorites
  • “I love the tone. They're a down to earth couple doing normal people renovations. I also like the mood boards as a source of interesting affordable pieces. Even when I don't agree with their aesthetic, I think they're pretty cool.” —katiemcc | View katiemcc's favorites
  • “I love their simple, live-able style and their wealth of DIY help. ” —mayamolly | View mayamolly's favorites
  • “Great content, and an experience level similar to my own...” —Sharif28 | View Sharif28's favorites
  • “Because it's like my own personal brand of heroine” —merijar | View merijar's favorites
  • “A triple threat: cute couple, beautiful house, and great writing!” —kaseytlb | View kaseytlb's favorites
  • “Great diy posts, how-to's, before-and-after, guest makeovers, and much more! All around well-designed, maintained, and written. Professional and clean look, and an entertaining read each and every post they make.” —dvernon | View dvernon's favorites
  • “super creative couple who share their projects in a fun, easy to borrow way. Fabulous website with great resources. Love Sherry and John!” —molliemcgeever | View molliemcgeever's favorites
  • “They are so easy to relate to. They are my age, married the same amount of time and they love their dog...another similarity. I go to their blog feeling like I can't do anything to update my house on my own, and I come away equipped with enough house inspiration to conquer the world.” —allthingscook | View allthingscook's favorites
  • “great look, and attitude, and really wonderful tutorials.” —jprich | View jprich's favorites
  • “Sherry and John (and baby!) are simply wonderful - their neutral palate, DIY tutorials, Mood Boards and quirky sense of humor makes their blog all the more enjoyable (AND they are super frugal so it's amazing what they are able to do on a budget). Not only are they a help in day-to-day home improvements, they are a down-to-earth couple with a cute Chihuahua! What could be better!?! ” —CarMaj | View CarMaj's favorites
  • “Straightforward. Not too fancy. Realistic. Not self-important. Smart. Fare more believable and inviting than most design-related blogs. They seem like people I'd be comfortable around, not the type who would make me feel inferior.” —IrickNoe | View IrickNoe's favorites
  • “Highly entertaining and instructional” —CeceliaMc | View CeceliaMc's favorites
  • “Such a helpful and inspiring site!” —faith | View faith's favorites
  • “love the house. love them” —Coopersmama | View Coopersmama's favorites
  • “Budget friendly. Very helpful and supportive of reader community. DIYs and makeovers. Apparently limitless energy. ” —Bromeliad | View Bromeliad's favorites
  • “I love their DIY projects and instructions and their mood boards!” —heatherlauren | View heatherlauren's favorites
  • “So much DIY help, love their style, love their personalities!” —saripoo44 | View saripoo44's favorites
  • “fantastic! Probably the best out there!” —sparrowsnest1 | View sparrowsnest1's favorites
  • “I love the writing style of both bloggers and the fabulous projects they come up with!” —cluttercubed | View cluttercubed's favorites
  • “Great diy and updated regularly so always something to read/look at.” —nzdebs | View nzdebs's favorites
  • “Love the how to's and great photos” —alwaysryt | View alwaysryt's favorites
  • “lots of DIY information” —kathygates | View kathygates's favorites
  • “Real interior decorators! Yay! Real....and oh so generous! A-M xx” —amshouse | View amshouse's favorites
  • “Simple, achievable ideas and a lovely home to visit.” —ryegirl | View ryegirl's favorites
  • “Great instructional photos and videos, enjoyable to read, easy-going bloggers.” —KarenAnnie007 | View KarenAnnie007's favorites
  • “I share the DIY spirit of the bloggers and have a house about the same vintage that I am working with.” —sophieismycat | View sophieismycat's favorites
  • “I just started reading Young House Love this year and I feel like John & Sherry are my close friends. My husband probably gets sick of hearing about what John & Sherry are up to. Young House Love mixes their house renovations up with reader's redesigns, green living tips, money savings ideas, and lots more. I am officially addicted!” —anyeager | View anyeager's favorites
  • “it's sweet.” —cdduerksen | View cdduerksen's favorites
  • “I also feel like they are friends of mine, they are laid-back, witty, and have a fabulous design eye!” —southernroyalty | View southernroyalty's favorites
  • “Great advice, very creative and just love going to it everyday to see what is new.” —Tunes07 | View Tunes07's favorites
  • “Awesome, inexpensive design ideas!” —jacksmommy2003 | View jacksmommy2003's favorites
  • “John and Sherry are real and down to earth. You know they read every single comment because they respond to questions and make you feel like an old friend. Their blog has given me such great ideas, inspiration and confidence and I attempt to find my own DIY nitch.” —sarahweaver | View sarahweaver's favorites
  • “Lots of great ideas on a budget, but still keeping great style” —Nownthen | View Nownthen's favorites
  • “It's my daily addiction. Wonderful budget breakdowns, easy to understand tutorials and mood boards, fantastic teamwork, and they BOTH blog. Overall a wonderful DIY resource.” —xtinamarie11 | View xtinamarie11's favorites
  • “By far, the most entertaining blog with incredibly creative and affordable design tips. They are not afraid to be themselves: honest, silly, and oh so wise! My greatest discovery of 2009.” —lettyg | View lettyg's favorites
  • “the petersiks are adorable and open and honest and take on the most brave and incredible projects on. really well written posts with humor and snappy wit.” —sparrowOB | View sparrowOB's favorites
  • “I love how creative they are ... and their projects appeal to so many levels of DIYers. ” —AJM13 | View AJM13's favorites
  • “Wonderful attitude to DIY and a beautiful house!” —britnimarlana | View britnimarlana's favorites
  • “I love that Sherry and John are always taking on new things and their content is always fresh!” —cvallarian | View cvallarian's favorites
  • “Awesome design inspiration... great energy.” —silbug1 | View silbug1's favorites
  • “They are the best! I love reading the blog daily to find great tips and tricks for home improvement newbies! They are terrific writers who are so honest and sincere in their enthusiasm for home improvement projects its practically contagious! LOVE LOVE LOVE young house love!” —mrsdecor8 | View mrsdecor8's favorites
  • “great, relatable couple with inspiring DYI projects ” —elvis0716 | View elvis0716's favorites
  • “Love the humor, easy to follow set up, and their home is amazing and inspiring ” —jmartin31 | View jmartin31's favorites
  • “Great, easy, inexpensive diy. I like the look of the blog as well...easy on the eyes.” —lesterisagirl | View lesterisagirl's favorites
  • “YHL gives inspiration to DIY'ers that have never worked on a house, and even gives inspiration to those that have spent their lives building homes. Each post is well thought out and just makes you want to read more. ” —thecrainsnest | View thecrainsnest's favorites
  • “love their clean, breath-of-fresh-air style. ” —queenofthehouseblog | View queenofthehouseblog's favorites
  • “great blog with SO MUCH inspiration and how-tos.” —moondancerjen | View moondancerjen's favorites
  • “Sweet, fun, useful!” —Cynthiaj | View Cynthiaj's favorites
  • “Great ideas and love the before/after pictures. A great community. Super style.” —crabcake | View crabcake's favorites
  • “I love their play-by-play of DIY projects and the custom mood boards.” —housetweaking | View housetweaking's favorites
  • “Great tips for those of us on budgets! I also love their style.” —Mlss0 | View Mlss0's favorites
  • “Creative projects, easy instructions, great videos and images” —modmanners | View modmanners's favorites
  • “Great tips!” —AndreeaCal | View AndreeaCal's favorites
  • “They are so friendly and helpful! Not to mention their house is awesome, and they are so willing to help others improve their house. Love them.” —lindsay0926 | View lindsay0926's favorites
  • “LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this blog. Great writing, ideas and decor! My new obsession.” —aprilhickman | View aprilhickman's favorites
  • “affordable takes on new projects that I can relate to. funny posts. honest writers” —dcaries | View dcaries's favorites
  • “fresh, inspiring ideas from a charming couple ” —izabug | View izabug's favorites
  • “LOVE IT! ” —puppydogjm | View puppydogjm's favorites
  • “constant updating” —WomanlyArts | View WomanlyArts's favorites

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