Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “This couple creates rooms I want to snuggle up in by consistently making frugal and thoughtful DIY design choices.” —yrlh | View yrlh's favorites
  • “Step into the World of Layla and kevin and follow along as they do up the lettered cottage, what not to love!” —stansbridge | View stansbridge's favorites
  • “I love all of Layla's designs, and watching them come together is so inspiring!!! ” —HOLLYMC1983 | View HOLLYMC1983's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin at the Lettered Cottage are tons of fun and insanely creative, and are making their little fixer-upper into an inspiration go-to for LOTS of followers!” —juddan1 | View juddan1's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin are the best. Love the way they keep it real and their designs are inspiring.” —carolynh1 | View carolynh1's favorites
  • “I love seeing the new ideas Kevin and Lala come up with. They make everything look fun and easy (although I know it always isn't). It's an awesome blog to read and I look forward to the daily updates.” —ruth53 | View ruth53's favorites
  • “they're a fabulous couple with super creative ideas who decorate on a dime and inspire me to tackle projects, too!” —molliemcgeever | View molliemcgeever's favorites
  • “Great ideas and projects! fun to read” —mamatitpom | View mamatitpom's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin have a great sense of style and a can-do attitude. ” —hea217 | View hea217's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin ROCK!” —klradmall | View klradmall's favorites
  • “Always something inspiring to read.” —lweidenbener | View lweidenbener's favorites
  • “Kevin and Layla are always incredibly positive, always working together 100%, and always coming up with fantastic ideas on a serious budget. They're great sense of humor and killer videos skills don't hurt, either :)” —JacciM | View JacciM's favorites
  • “Okay - I've had to do this 3 times since I can't seem to understand the directions to entering! Which just proves how much TLC blog means to me. Two young, design-minded-on-the-smallest-buget, people you'll ever want to read and see! I could probably write a blog about their blog - but just go there and check it out. This WILL become one of your top 3 - I promise.” —cheapdiva | View cheapdiva's favorites
  • “Their house is AMAZING! The projects they do are always beautiful and inspiring and because they do the work themselves, they share with us how to do them too. Plus, their videos are the best ever!!!” —cottagedreamers | View cottagedreamers's favorites
  • “It provides such great inspiration” —myfirstgarage | View myfirstgarage's favorites
  • “Such cute ideas” —Coopersmama | View Coopersmama's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin are awesome. They have the most wonderful ideas. Their home is beautiful!” —AliceB33 | View AliceB33's favorites
  • “Because I love them!” —KatiePalmer | View KatiePalmer's favorites
  • “Kevin and Layla achieve beautiful results on a very limited budget. This results in creative and replicable ideas! Plus they do the work, themselves, rather than "buy" it done! :)” —VDR928 | View VDR928's favorites
  • “Awesome ideas that are very doable and within a small budget. Also a super fun couple!” —athomeamy | View athomeamy's favorites
  • “Fantastic blog ~ fabulous ideas!” —lolyst | View lolyst's favorites
  • “It is so fun to see all their great projects and how they work together to accomplish them.” —kdivy63 | View kdivy63's favorites
  • “great style, great info, lovely reading and inspiration” —niagarafalls | View niagarafalls's favorites
  • “Her creativity abounds!” —chichncharge | View chichncharge's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin are tha bomb!! They are just so clever and have such a great presentation on their blog. Decorating on the budget with total class. Love 'em!” —debele14 | View debele14's favorites
  • “so fun and so real!” —leenthegraphicsqueen | View leenthegraphicsqueen's favorites
  • “i totally did not want to like this blog, but i just can't help myself.” —autumnclemons | View autumnclemons's favorites
  • “Layla and Kevin are able to take a project from beginning to end without making a big deal about it =just nice and easy.” —mah2 | View mah2's favorites
  • “simple, classic style done DIY!” —rachelblazer | View rachelblazer's favorites
  • “I LOVE The Lettered Cottage. It is the only blog I have followed for the past yr and I totally think Layla and Kevin are the most talented, creative and warm and friendly couple ever. Their videos are both educational and very entertaining. They are in love with their home and renovating it to fit their needs and personality. They have been able to share how to have a beautiful home on a tight budget, and how to do it yourself. More importantly as couple to share who they are, and how to take your life and work at what you have a passion for. Best Home Site Blog. geri.” —geri | View geri's favorites
  • “They are my absolute favorite.” —brockey | View brockey's favorites
  • “sometimes i can't believe how inexpensive their MAJOR transformations cost. it is very inspiring.” —moondancerjen | View moondancerjen's favorites
  • “Great ideas with wonderful style!” —jenrsanctuaryart | View jenrsanctuaryart's favorites
  • “it's open, honest and fun.” —jenster8 | View jenster8's favorites

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