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  • “Nom nom nom...awesome food + pics. Leaves me drooling every time. ” —neanthabella | View neanthabella's favorites
  • “This blog is delicioue not only on the tounge, but to the eye as well.” —Michaela7 | View Michaela7's favorites
  • “The Hungry Mouse is THE best food blog, I swear. Jessie provides amazing step-by-step photos with detailed recipe instructions and always a good tip or two. Every recipe of hers that I've made has turned out fantastic. She provides wonderful recipes from appetizers to desserts; from comfort food to gourmet. She inspires a hesitant cook to try new recipes and techniques. Absolutely fabulous!” —ddh77 | View ddh77's favorites
  • “After getting laid off and looking for things to keep me busy I started to cook. I've never been very good but between the great photos and great instructions I've done so well I'm baking cookies for gifts for Christmas. Now if she could magically clean my kitchen too I'd be in 7th heaven. It's a wonderful blog I read every day!” —jgh57 | View jgh57's favorites
  • “The Hungry Mouse isn't 'one' of my favorites...it IS my favorite!! The recipes are no-fail, the fantastic pictures lead you through each one, and to top it off, Jessie is super nice!! ” —Annellini | View Annellini's favorites
  • “I can't imagine the mice are hungry in Jesse house. This food is FAB.” —sippitysup | View sippitysup's favorites
  • “Fantastic recipes, clear instructions and step-by-step photos. Never boring. My favorite cooking blog, bar none.” —HipMom | View HipMom's favorites
  • “Her recipes are so delicious!” —lulucooks | View lulucooks's favorites

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