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  • “this is totally cool!” —maxwell | View maxwell's favorites
  • “Because Lucy has Melbourne covered.” —nataliewalton | View nataliewalton's favorites
  • “It's the best. Lovely home tours and Melbourne travel tips for my next holiday.” —ecampbell | View ecampbell's favorites
  • “Everything Cool and Quirky, great graphics and always something new and fabulous to discover. A truly Useful Blog. ” —maxK | View maxK's favorites
  • “great images, fantastic presentation, varied content. inspirational” —traceyloves | View traceyloves's favorites
  • “Lucy finds great design every single day that's just my style, her photography is always excellent... not to mention her wonderful interviews! ” —bwigshoppe | View bwigshoppe's favorites
  • “Truly inspirational” —lucymclintic | View lucymclintic's favorites
  • “Always fresh, inspiring, positive, fun and on the mark. Makes you really feel privileged to read about such creative designers. A treat every time. ” —post123 | View post123's favorites
  • “Because every morning I discover something surprising and wonderful. The interviews are fascinating, and the pix are very good. I like the style of writing, I feel I'm listening to something excitingly new that a friend has discovered.” —chrissie | View chrissie's favorites
  • “fantastic variety . great writing style . great level of detail and knowledge . quirky” —polark72 | View polark72's favorites
  • “great fresh sense of style” —andyh101 | View andyh101's favorites
  • “A great combination of local and international design. Lucy, the blogger, is so enthusiastic about everything she posts. It's a delight to read.” —jesssika | View jesssika's favorites
  • “Well written, great content and clean/stylish layout” —SwallowingAcorns | View SwallowingAcorns's favorites
  • “Always interesting and informative and as a homewares retailer gives me great inspiration and leads. I thank Lucy for the best blog I receive.” —BarbaraHermon | View BarbaraHermon's favorites
  • “always something interesting, not pompous, optimistic and always curious.” —cyndidawes | View cyndidawes's favorites
  • “Not only does Lucy feature fabulous design, artists, products, and anything she comes across in the very design focused city of Melbourne, Australia and beyond. A beautiful read, when reading Lucy's blog I feel like I am sitting down having a cuppa with a great design inspired friend. ” —louisagormley | View louisagormley's favorites
  • “Great Australian blog focusing on local design, artists and events” —Marywillow | View Marywillow's favorites
  • “It's the best Australian design blog and a great way to keep up with new work by local designers!” —emmyandlou | View emmyandlou's favorites
  • “Discerning eye, great layout, personable writing - what's not to love?” —rmcgrudiva | View rmcgrudiva's favorites
  • “There are so many wonderful home blogs out there but I'd have to say that The Design Files is closest to my taste.” —trustyourstyle | View trustyourstyle's favorites

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