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  • “This was one of the first food blogs I loved. Gorgeous, informative & well-designed.” —Shannalee | View Shannalee's favorites
  • “Great variety of down to earth, delicious recipes. Her desserts are some of the best.” —hsp | View hsp's favorites
  • “The photos are gorgeous, the writing is engaging, and the recipes are awesome!!!!” —as3087 | View as3087's favorites
  • “All of it. The writing, the delicious yummy recipes, the photos - oh the photos, the sweet baby that creeps in to the posts occasionally. All of it. Love me some SK.” —okorindear | View okorindear's favorites
  • “come on, of course!” —mizmaggieb | View mizmaggieb's favorites
  • “great recipes, pictures, it feels like a friend is letting me into her kitchen” —jillrenee42 | View jillrenee42's favorites
  • “great recipes and photos” —elliottkaty | View elliottkaty's favorites
  • “Photos, recipes, and words are all delicious and so approachable. But you can tell she knows her stuff. Oh and cute new baby.” —lminnich | View lminnich's favorites
  • “Great recipes, great pictures, always makes me want to cook something new!” —Nina79 | View Nina79's favorites
  • “Relatively simple and definitely do-able recipes. Seasonal, and amazing photography. ” —pnew | View pnew's favorites
  • “She has awesome recipes & beautiful pictures.” —lildebbie77 | View lildebbie77's favorites
  • “from the beautiful photos to the fantastic recipes--not to mention the flawless writing style... this is a fave.” —amber77 | View amber77's favorites
  • “my FAVOURITE food blog. all of the recipes I've tried have come out fabulous, I now know how to poach an egg perfectly...and it's beautifully photographed. Awesome.” —kiwi | View kiwi's favorites
  • “Great voice and great recipes. Like that friend who cooks like a slightly more ambitious you and can recommend fantastic recipes.” —cinderell6 | View cinderell6's favorites
  • “warning do not look at this blog when hungry! lots of comfort food with that little extra. ” —Lorisf | View Lorisf's favorites
  • “The humor of the architect, and the flawlessness of the recipes” —expat39520 | View expat39520's favorites
  • “oh yeah baby!” —50spam | View 50spam's favorites
  • “Great food photography, awesome recipes! The recipes are classy enough to make you feel like a foodie and easy enough that you don't need a culinary degree! Makes me feel like a kitchen goddess!” —goingmyway | View goingmyway's favorites
  • “great recipes i can manage at home!” —foxinsoxza | View foxinsoxza's favorites
  • “Her recipes haven't failed me yet - so warm and unpretentious! Wonderful photos.” —iresb | View iresb's favorites
  • “has great recipes that aren't overly intimidating” —aihara | View aihara's favorites
  • “Every recipe I have tried has been amazing!” —carawilkerson | View carawilkerson's favorites
  • “This is a joy to read - it is as if you are visiting with a girlfriend about a recipe you made - wonderful writing, very entertaining and informative - LOVE IT!” —vicki495 | View vicki495's favorites
  • “a perfect trifecta: good writing, worth-it recipes, and gorgeous pictures.” —SisterSarah | View SisterSarah's favorites
  • “Well written, good choices of recipes and very well photograph. After reading her blog I want to make almost everything.” —mccchip | View mccchip's favorites
  • “Great photos, great recipes” —sdegutis | View sdegutis's favorites
  • “Gorgeous photography. Engaging and inspiring text. Got me into the kitchen!” —mazen399 | View mazen399's favorites
  • “best recipes, photos, text” —merediththomas | View merediththomas's favorites
  • “I love the pictures and the food is always absolutely amazing!!” —emilyrj | View emilyrj's favorites
  • “consistently good recipes, beautiful photos. makes me want to cook better food. and while it's a little fancy sometimes it's not unattainable. love it. i cook from the recipes all the time.” —talkingcrow | View talkingcrow's favorites
  • “simply fantastic! great food. great write-ups. great photos. frequent postings. yummay for my tummay!” —rachelleann | View rachelleann's favorites
  • “everything is so delicious and the pictures are gorgeous. I know that I can always find something great to make on here. ” —Shelf81 | View Shelf81's favorites
  • “Lovely food, beautiful photos and a lot of fun to read.” —devilldoll | View devilldoll's favorites
  • “Great recipes and photos. And I love Deb's voice. She writes with confidence and wit.” —brookeraymond | View brookeraymond's favorites
  • “She has great photograhy, and the recipes are to die for! ” —Tunes07 | View Tunes07's favorites
  • “everything she cooks, i want to eat!” —marianap | View marianap's favorites
  • “photography that makes you HUNGRY!” —TeamAlix | View TeamAlix's favorites
  • “Lots of yummy recipes.” —GreatFriend | View GreatFriend's favorites
  • “I love this blog!!!” —tothenest | View tothenest's favorites
  • “carmelized onion sweet potato galette. need i say more?” —mathens | View mathens's favorites
  • “Smitten Kicthen has it all: great recipes, photographs and personality. I love the pace of the posting schedule, and how Deb never fails to deliver good quality (and honest!) content. ” —sparklingink | View sparklingink's favorites
  • “Simple, delicious and fun!” —nicholstx | View nicholstx's favorites
  • “simple approach to great food. I turn to this blog a lot when searching for ideas and inspiration whether it's for a recipe or great photography. it's my go to.” —carolc | View carolc's favorites
  • “have you seen the variety of foods? amazing.” —CherryTreeLane | View CherryTreeLane's favorites
  • “Witty and humorous writing, fabulous food styling, and incredible recipes that any food enthusiast can enjoy. I have not read a single blog that tops what Deb can do at Smitten Kitchen.” —sdocherty | View sdocherty's favorites
  • “Yummmmmmmmm!” —LarissaDe | View LarissaDe's favorites
  • “wonderful recipes and photography!” —sacredlotus | View sacredlotus's favorites
  • “my family love the Matzo Ball soup like no other soup on earth - gems of recipes from a fab blog” —nonesuchthings | View nonesuchthings's favorites

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