Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “She posts a lot of original content and pictures. I really enjoy being updated on her redesign of her new home!” —kate918 | View kate918's favorites
  • “It is unique and applicable. I frequent this site for inspiration and ideas. I love the wedding and housing posts! I love that I never know what I am about to see when I click my PB bookmark. She keeps things interesting and relevant. Great site!” —jhatt | View jhatt's favorites
  • “Great site about design and a home remodel.” —pmccarthy | View pmccarthy's favorites
  • “She is really funny. I like all her pictures of design and how she intertwines her life into a lot of the posts.” —laurenm101 | View laurenm101's favorites
  • “Fun layout and witty remarks” —blogstress11 | View blogstress11's favorites
  • “Bailey's unique writing style and fun personality make her blog a must read. Plus, she's got INSANE taste!” —jordanjeffus | View jordanjeffus's favorites
  • “Bailey writes in a way that is both funny and makes readers want to learn more about her.” —fashiongrl11 | View fashiongrl11's favorites
  • “Wide variety of interesting subjects with very creative ideas and commenary...” —whunt2 | View whunt2's favorites
  • “Awesome blog that makes my day! I look forward to the posts everyday!” —katie713 | View katie713's favorites
  • “I LOVE love LOVE this blog. Bailey's style is incredibly unique and inspiring! And the content is always fresh and amusing. ” —mmullane | View mmullane's favorites
  • “It is a creative blog that appeals to a wide audience. The content is always entertaining and fun.” —kmccarthy | View kmccarthy's favorites
  • “Simply brilliant! ” —ddobbs | View ddobbs's favorites
  • “Makes me smile, learn, or simply entertains me when im bored :)” —annina | View annina's favorites
  • “P'bliss is such a creative and one-of-a-kind blog! I love reading about what Bailey posts because its not only hilarious and fun but i always learn something new and am inspired! ” —berry101 | View berry101's favorites
  • “Just a great, fun, and original blog! Love her sense of fun!” —mrsmac418 | View mrsmac418's favorites
  • “Fun & Funny.. Makes my work day a little easier!” —mneuhaus | View mneuhaus's favorites
  • “this is the best blog i've ever read in my entire life. bailey is the most entertaining writer!!!” —kp0214 | View kp0214's favorites
  • “Bailey and her blog are so fun!!! ” —katymae820 | View katymae820's favorites

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