Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Simple, colorful and elegant!” —CherryTreeLane | View CherryTreeLane's favorites
  • “She's creative, fun and stylish!” —preppymom | View preppymom's favorites
  • “rachel's style, humor and spirit brighten my life daily! her taste a perfect mix of trendy and classic, elegant but cozy. i want to live in nestegg world!” —melissabooher | View melissabooher's favorites
  • “Rachel brings a unique sense of family and home to her style, adding splashes of humor throughout.” —sommerberry | View sommerberry's favorites
  • “Rachel knows exactly what I want even though I can't always describe it ... she has gotten to know me and my family so well, she just intuits the perfect design elements. She is a highly gifted and talented young professional with an unlimited future.” —smsmartt | View smsmartt's favorites
  • “I LOVE her style and humor. Her blog makes me laugh out loud every time I read.” —asmashburn | View asmashburn's favorites
  • “Rachel's posts are supper creative and witty. She is SO talented!” —pmckenney | View pmckenney's favorites
  • “Rachel is a true talent. Her style is as simple as it is extraordinary. And her blog is inspiring and fun to read. I have shared it with many of my friends who now look forward to her bolg posts as much as I do. Go Nestegg!!!!” —anniebiter81 | View anniebiter81's favorites
  • “Nestegg has beautiful ideas, simple suggestions, sweet sentiment, and wit to boot! Add these together coupled with Rachel's heart and genuine passion and you get a lovable, personal, and accessible blog with something for everyone. ” —lolliewroebuck | View lolliewroebuck's favorites
  • “Rachel's blog is my favorite because it comes from her heart...and that makes it beautiful.” —melstrange | View melstrange's favorites

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