Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “i have actually been inside this bloggers home and it is to say the least home. It is hard to imagine a home that is decadent with the feel of warmth and invitation, however this blogger has it down pat. ” —psinha | View psinha's favorites
  • “There are many reasons LOM is one of my favorite blogs --- too many to name --- but one is it's an excellent resource for home decorating tips and great Etsy finds. AND, it's beautifully designed and so pretty to look at!” —polaroid1express | View polaroid1express's favorites
  • “because it's amazing!! ” —frankieb | View frankieb's favorites
  • “This is a great blog. First of all, the name is fantastic. It is so classic and chic. The owner of the blog clearly keeps up with whats in style and keeps the blog that way to. Nice Job.” —keke2 | View keke2's favorites
  • “I read LOM on a regular basis. The author not only has a decorative eye, but her descriptive words make you feel as if you're actually in her home. As soon as she invites me over for dinner, I'm sure her home will be even more immaculate than I imagined.” —akbonds | View akbonds's favorites
  • “Layers of Meaning is unique, stylish, and filled with great finds and inspiration! ” —ari1185 | View ari1185's favorites

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