Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Katy has beautiful taste - and I can't wait to see how her home renovation progresses!” —beautifulpaper | View beautifulpaper's favorites
  • “I like the home picks and her old house renovation.” —elliottkaty | View elliottkaty's favorites
  • “Katy Elliot has a great New England style and her blog is filled with excellent resources and ideas.” —frolicblog | View frolicblog's favorites
  • “love katy's DIY's!” —mccannuck | View mccannuck's favorites
  • “I've followed Katy since her Domino days and I like being witness to her changing life and her changing home. She is so honest about the challenges of renovating an old property -- and that's important to me. I don't want bloggers to pretend that something is other than it is. I've discovered Marblehead, too, through Katy's writings -- it's like tuning in to an episode of The Archers! I like my glimpse into the life of a small Massachusetts town.” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “old house specific” —enhabiten | View enhabiten's favorites
  • “Katy's blog was one of the first I discovered and is still one I read everyday. She helped me figure out what my true design style is and has consistently lovely style picks.” —JennLore | View JennLore's favorites
  • “Her blog reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting.” —PamDesigns | View PamDesigns's favorites
  • “I love seeking complete renovations in older homes.” —greateryesterday | View greateryesterday's favorites

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