Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “This website has both the retro and the modern feel. Jeanie is a prolific writer that takes creative license and genius in decorating and transforms them into magnificence. She is best known for her on-a-budget style which takes a little and makes it a lot.” —daver | View daver's favorites
  • “This blog ALWAYS has something interesting to read or pictures to see. She is very real in all that she writes about and includes family and life in her decor. She is innovative and shares her creativity with the world!!! ” —dtpowers | View dtpowers's favorites
  • “This is a wonderful photo-filled blog! Jeanie Rhoades has a large family and lets us look into her everyday life in interesting ways. Home projects and decorating are among her favorite things to blog about, and it is always inspirational! Read it!!” —StephanieKelley21 | View StephanieKelley21's favorites
  • “A great blog with an easy to use website! :)” —battousai21 | View battousai21's favorites
  • “This blog has tons of home decor ideas and the best part about them is that they're cheap and easy to create for people who don't have a ton of cash to throw into decorating their home. She also happens to be an engaging writer who keeps you interested even for those, like me, who don't tend towards a love of decorating but want to attempt it nonetheless.” —Dessa | View Dessa's favorites
  • “It's real! She takes everyday resources and makes beauty come from it. She taps into the heart of things to bring out the essence of the space. LOVE IT!!!” —we3sheeps | View we3sheeps's favorites
  • “It's so real... so full of LIFE!” —neaceisms | View neaceisms's favorites
  • “She writes in such a way that I feel she puts my own thoughts into words I could not adequately express myself. She also shares on a lot of family interest and other "homey" items that give a person many ideas through her creativity.” —tamiayento | View tamiayento's favorites
  • “I can hardly wait to see what she writes next because her words seem to come to life.” —normamoslander | View normamoslander's favorites
  • “She is GREAT” —aapatricew | View aapatricew's favorites

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