Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Sally Schneider's blog, like her cookbooks, brings a fresh eye to everyday things, encouraging the reader's own creativity in approaching daily living.” —mata | View mata's favorites
  • “it reorients how you look, how you think, and what you see. forget thinking "out of the box". "the improvised life makes" you realize that the only box there was one of someone else's devising. and you dont need it. moreover, it shows you how to eliminate that box from your very thinking.” —ngua | View ngua's favorites
  • “it's uplifting, smart cultured and inspires me daily. ” —danajoyaltman | View danajoyaltman's favorites
  • “The Improvised Life is beautifully designed and produced -- great style with a comforting tone. It succeeds in translating the traditional "lifestyle/shelter" magazine into electronic form. I look forward to opening it each morning then referring back to ideas later. Hats off to Sally Schneider.” —cdold | View cdold's favorites
  • “calm, cool, inspiring!!” —chipuric | View chipuric's favorites
  • “The writing is smart and engaging. It is inspiring on many levels. There is often a surprise for the reader. The design is an appropriate container for the content.” —prhovland | View prhovland's favorites
  • “Delightful, fresh, unencumbered with silly mannerisms (like filigree and XXOO sign-offs). Real and inspiring. ” —kat747 | View kat747's favorites
  • “her content is excellent; and it is relevant to how I have been trying to live my life.” —marybenson | View marybenson's favorites
  • “because it is not just about home and/or design, it's about living creatively...” —sallyagolly | View sallyagolly's favorites
  • “Because it's new and quite original.” —elsophie | View elsophie's favorites
  • “Sometimes the small things you didn't think to notice can be the most important or most beautiful. The site is genius in it's simplicity.” —susie87 | View susie87's favorites
  • “Sallys Schneider's blog takes the big idea of always asking "what would happen if I did this...?" that opens you up from all the rules about how to live and creates and fosters a new kind of thinking about everything: home design, design, cooking and food, lifestyle, work, your community, and your connection to other people and the world around you. It is one of the few truly original blogs that rejiggers your approach to things, shaking loose all the old ideas to free you up to muddle through, improvising, and finding the joy in just trying, making mistakes, and making space for this new world we find ourselves in today. ” —petieandmietza | View petieandmietza's favorites
  • “intelligent, wise, fun, present, provocative, current, inviting, informative, real, simple, profound, alive.” —jody914 | View jody914's favorites
  • “I love Sally Schneider's outlook on everything.” —julius425 | View julius425's favorites
  • “This website is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Sally has wonderful insights and discoveries that are interesting, aesthetically pleasing, practical, and whimsical. We see old things in new ways and new things enrich us. It's a wonderful alternative to many sites out there. My top choice.” —lhamm | View lhamm's favorites
  • “Wonderfully fresh and consistently thought provoking. It's a must read on a daily basis.” —ShaolinRasta | View ShaolinRasta's favorites
  • “As a guy who has lived with shabby chic and take out his whole life, The Improvised Life has shown me another way with its recipes and style that has nothing to do with spending a lot of money. It's also teaching me to trust my own instincts while learning how other people throw down and do it up. Thanks Sally Schneider, I never could have done it without you.” —lordweedingham | View lordweedingham's favorites
  • “Because it is an original, full of beautiful and eye opening possibilities that are truly unique. ” —Palladio | View Palladio's favorites

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