Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Constant inspiration! ” —kgilby31 | View kgilby31's favorites
  • “she's inspired me for the past two years in terms of fashion and interior design” —lcyblog | View lcyblog's favorites
  • “everything about it is amazing! love love love love love” —vennie | View vennie's favorites
  • “Superb style, great product ideas, beautiful pictures.” —kgerber | View kgerber's favorites
  • “I love Erin's style and I love that she writes about style in all it's forms...interior design, architecture, fashion, books, music, and entertaining.” —Victoria225 | View Victoria225's favorites
  • “Erin has beautiful taste and she's always on top of the latest trends, whether fashion or home design. With her natural flair for all things gorgeous and timeless, she puts a fresh spin on the classics!! Love it!!! ” —aris7 | View aris7's favorites
  • “Awesome home designe, fashion and lifestyle!” —cmcollins11 | View cmcollins11's favorites
  • “Insightful, diverse, timely, and humorous writing is posted daily. Photos are vibrant and illustrative to the writers point of view. Information is accessible, relatable and fresh. The writer does not dumb down and is not trying to be esoteric. There is variety to the blogs subject matter; there are definite points of view and personal anecdotes that are interesting. I go to the site regularly for style coaching that relates to my every day be it house decor or personal style.” —griffin68 | View griffin68's favorites
  • “Erin does a great job offering home design advice for the budget-conscious, time-sensitive homemaker! She has great taste and great style.” —lisa1979 | View lisa1979's favorites
  • “Beautiful, witty, and entertaining; EOS is an inspiration! ” —differentfirst | View differentfirst's favorites
  • “great pictures, great ideas” —msenesac | View msenesac's favorites
  • “Erin is stylish, fun and hip. She has a great eye for design.” —yblacker | View yblacker's favorites
  • “It's real.” —lyndsei | View lyndsei's favorites
  • “Nice mix of design, style, and fashion all in one blog. It's a daily must read!” —apartment8 | View apartment8's favorites
  • “I love Erin's mix of decorating, fashion, lifestyle ideas. Every morning I pamper myself by reading her blog—before the day of craziness. She has a great sense of style and prides herself in mixing high and low elements to make something whether it's a room, outfit, party, vacation, you name it, fabulous!” —cristywalsh | View cristywalsh's favorites
  • “lots of cool stuff. regular posts. fun perspective.” —cflynn66 | View cflynn66's favorites
  • “Erin has an eye for style and design that is so impressive and so inspiring!!” —thebeautyfile | View thebeautyfile's favorites
  • “Great blog! Great design ideas, suggestions and products, written by a super sweet, fashionable, witty blogger! Great fun!!” —melissal81 | View melissal81's favorites
  • “Erin does a great job of covering current and affordable design, and I love her fashion posts, too!” —berickson66 | View berickson66's favorites
  • “It has a rare, down to earth voice plus budget-friendly advice, great shopping tips and inspiration ideas.” —interiorzen | View interiorzen's favorites
  • “Fiercely stylish with the perfect dash of funny!” —preppymom | View preppymom's favorites
  • “Erin is a hip, happening woman with a great eye. She knows what's hot, but tempers it with savvy design sense for long-term intelligent design.” —wpgsmom | View wpgsmom's favorites
  • “Love Erin's eye for design and fashion and her blog gives great insight and has a great voice” —girlscout1 | View girlscout1's favorites
  • “Great style, great taste. I always learn something new and fun.” —sublimedesign77 | View sublimedesign77's favorites
  • “practical and beautiful design advice.” —kirstanbarnett | View kirstanbarnett's favorites

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