Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Always great design convos in the comments” —sketch42 | View sketch42's favorites
  • “humor” —pegr | View pegr's favorites
  • “This is one of the most fun blogs out there. To me, she is the Howard Stern of Design Blogs. Naturally, although she doesn't claim to be a professional designer, she has a great design sense and I am equally inspired after reading her posts as I am the "professional" sites.” —ediredesign | View ediredesign's favorites
  • “Best debates on varying subjects” —atelierkimbo | View atelierkimbo's favorites
  • “Tells it like it is. Says what everyone thinks! Love her! A-M xx” —amshouse | View amshouse's favorites
  • “she was the first blog i ever read.” —visualvamp | View visualvamp's favorites
  • “I like the personality of the writer and the responses from the people who read the blog. The writer had a wonderful sense of humor and is an excellent writer. Her entries are inspiring and critical.” —janfaw | View janfaw's favorites

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