Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Benita Larsson exalts the everyday into extraordinary. She's an inspiration!” —joanser22 | View joanser22's favorites
  • “Benita has a great sense of style and proportion. I always enjoy seeing what she'll come up with next.” —erine85 | View erine85's favorites
  • “Wonderful style and good grammar. (I know it is old-fashioned of me, but I find spelling mistakes and stray apostrophes distracting.)” —jennbooher | View jennbooher's favorites
  • “Excellent tips on home organization and DIY projects. Benita has a wonderfully charming writing style.” —kara75 | View kara75's favorites
  • “Haha!” —chezlarsson | View chezlarsson's favorites
  • “Oh Benita! Your blog is so smart and creative, thank you for all that you do to inspire others to make their house a home. You are such a supportive, genuine lady!” —decor8holly | View decor8holly's favorites
  • “Does Benita's energy know no bounds? She is a real (albeit virtual) butt kicker for me, constantly inspiring mini projects here and mini projects there. And then once, when I emailed her my queries on regrouting from the other side of the world, she responded personally and painstakingly with her own step-by-step how to! Also love the glimpse into family life "chez Larsson" with Martin, Willie, and the cats.” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “Love the organization skills and all the white” —thessa | View thessa's favorites
  • “She's just an organizing dynamo! I could never be as cool as her but I can dream!” —lsaspacey1 | View lsaspacey1's favorites
  • “it's beautiful, personal and shares alot of very approachable/affordable/do-able DIY work!” —ATdrey | View ATdrey's favorites
  • “Benita of Chez Larsson is the most sensible of the home design bloggers out there for my money, while still being super inspirational and creative.” —juddan1 | View juddan1's favorites
  • “Her DIY furniture is a can't miss!” —kaseytlb | View kaseytlb's favorites
  • “Benita is truly inspiring!” —emw2010 | View emw2010's favorites
  • “I love this blog not only because I am a big fan of Scandinavian design, but also because Benita manages to make it look easy to have a wonderful, cosy and yet uncluttered home. She is a great inspiration for me.” —Juliadrusilla | View Juliadrusilla's favorites
  • “my cleaning and organizing guru, always full of good ideas on a budget.” —Lorisf | View Lorisf's favorites
  • “The insides of her drawers look better than my living room. ” —Bromeliad | View Bromeliad's favorites
  • “Benita's house is somehow both accessible and aspirational. She has all these little ideas and solutions that make perfect sense, but the way she brings them together is really impressive!” —cuminafterall | View cuminafterall's favorites
  • “fabulous style!” —jhaile | View jhaile's favorites
  • “Benita has a way of sharing her home with us that is inspiring. I think I know almost every little corner in her house by now!” —thea634d | View thea634d's favorites
  • “her energy seems boundless. such great ideas” —redhedm | View redhedm's favorites
  • “Chez Larsson is the calm in my chaotic mornings... I instantly feel quieted when I go to her blog. LOVE it.” —Saranewell | View Saranewell's favorites
  • “She is a real inspiration” —elblogdeunpocodetodo | View elblogdeunpocodetodo's favorites
  • “Amazing!” —squab123 | View squab123's favorites
  • “Fabulous Swedish life and style. ” —CamillaC | View CamillaC's favorites
  • “She has totally inspired me with her organization tips, decorating ideas and beautiful home!” —hklove | View hklove's favorites
  • “Simple, fresh style - love seeing the transition of her home from then to now. ” —sparklyt | View sparklyt's favorites
  • “unpretentious, simple, fresh, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” —mirka | View mirka's favorites
  • “Nobody does organization better. Her house is beautiful. She doesn't spend loads of money. There is always something inspirational to read ” —kirstieannejenkins | View kirstieannejenkins's favorites
  • “Benita is wonderful. She has a great writing style, wry sense of humor, is loyal to her schedule and answers all questions. What more could you want in a blog. Oh yeah, her ideas are second to none. I check her blog every day, right after my email. An inspiration!!” —farmgirl | View farmgirl's favorites
  • “Home organization and wonderful style, of course, but what makes Chezlarsson stand out from the rest is but above all is that everything she does seems do-able. Both inspiring and practical. ” —Dulcibella | View Dulcibella's favorites
  • “One of the first blogs I started following and I still love Benita's ideas -she is amazing!” —acreativemint | View acreativemint's favorites

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