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  • “design indoors and out plus very funny” —scentg | View scentg's favorites
  • “Compelling subject matter; very tastefully done; quaint; amusing; artistic; instructive; just plain enjoyable; I look forward to ever edition.” —Chas88 | View Chas88's favorites
  • “good ideas, fresh and good pics” —debraphillips | View debraphillips's favorites
  • “Not only is the content educational, but inspirational. The images and the writing is magnificent. I highly recommend this site!” —gracie6295 | View gracie6295's favorites
  • “Beautifully written! I love added the element of humor, something you don't find in those other home design blogs! I am inspired after every post!” —designlover4 | View designlover4's favorites
  • “I follow this blog because I LOVE her shop!! This store is a must see..” —tiger3636 | View tiger3636's favorites

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