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  • “She's always changing things up and has a great sense of humor. Super thrift finds!!” —hulahulagirl | View hulahulagirl's favorites
  • “witty writing, awesome midcentury taste, and great diy projects.” —brian382 | View brian382's favorites
  • “The Brick House is a great daily read, Tons of orginal content, ” —victor | View victor 's favorites
  • “It's seriously good.” —Brismod | View Brismod's favorites
  • “I love the sense of humour, she doesn't take herself too seriously and has amazing taste. It's the first thing I check in my google reader.” —scram | View scram's favorites
  • “Love her sense of humor, thrift finds, mid-century interests and and her decorating on a budget. I can relate on all these levels. She is the first one I read in my reader. She is the best!” —librarymary | View librarymary's favorites
  • “Amazing style and stories and thrifty finds.” —louiswalch | View louiswalch's favorites
  • “Well written and entertaining. : )” —mina180 | View mina180's favorites
  • “Humor, mad style, and a fearless, no-holds-barred obsession with thrifting!” —veedub | View veedub's favorites
  • “A real person doing realistic designs. Plus, she's pretty funny. ” —mamalea | View mamalea's favorites
  • “This is a relatively new (to me) blog, but it seems to have bypassed any growing pains -- straight to the top, without passing go! Wonderful style and humour, plus a good dash of humility. I love seeing Morgan's thrift finds: she's definitely someone I'd want with me on a day's shopping. Love too her absolute willingness to roll sleeves up and move stuff ("shiz") around!” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “I continue to be amazed and inspired by her thrifty finds...and share her love for studio pottery! PS...it is a her, isn't it?” —miriaminct | View miriaminct's favorites
  • “Brilliantly funny, awesome designs, and amazing how-tos, The Brick House is an everyday must visit. I've copied a thousand of her ideas and yet I still intend to move to her swanky new guest bedroom. ” —Veruca | View Veruca's favorites
  • “great design on a budget (thrifty!), DYI projects are fantastic!” —jjburke1964 | View jjburke1964's favorites
  • “its the shiz” —swood41 | View swood41's favorites
  • “Lots of great content.” —wranglerwoman | View wranglerwoman's favorites
  • “Fantastic attitude.” —workergnome | View workergnome's favorites
  • “beautiful imagery and effing incredible mid-century finds. ” —holyokehome | View holyokehome's favorites
  • “Great images and personal taste~ This blog was an instant add to my Google Reader!” —kaseytlb | View kaseytlb's favorites
  • “She proves that modern design and white walls can look warm and inviting, and she has an amazing eye for design, color, and all things thrifty!” —sexyartbeast | View sexyartbeast's favorites
  • “Morgan always inspires me and makes me laugh--truly a fantastic blog. Her influence is all over my house!” —laramurphy | View laramurphy's favorites
  • “love her style, her projects, her thrifting, her writing ” —Piedpipergirl | View Piedpipergirl's favorites
  • “shiz bitches that's all I'm sayin'.” —katiemj7 | View katiemj7's favorites
  • “Love her style of writing! Great pics!” —robinette | View robinette's favorites
  • “Fantastic vintage finds in a price range I can relate to, plus she's damn funny!” —elissa | View elissa's favorites
  • “lurv it.” —modfrugal | View modfrugal's favorites
  • “Finally, the IE gets a little love!” —pancakesandfrenchfries | View pancakesandfrenchfries's favorites
  • “LOVE THE THRIFTING!” —rushmore06 | View rushmore06's favorites
  • “amazing vintage finds, great writing, love the pics of her home, and love the dyi's ” —mtnyc | View mtnyc's favorites
  • “just discovered today because of this nominating process, and i like it! clever writing and pretty pictures- what more can you ask for?” —maison21 | View maison21's favorites
  • “best style, nice people.” —atemluft | View atemluft's favorites
  • “Amazing taste/style and colorful language that keeps it real. ” —rebeldress | View rebeldress's favorites
  • “I love this blog. She is always trying new stuff with the blog. I get great inspiration from it. She finds the coolest stuff and puts it together in amazing ways. I am always checking out what's new at the brick house.” —atomicranch79 | View atomicranch79's favorites
  • “real stuff! not cut out from magazines.” —sdmika | View sdmika's favorites
  • “Her home is elegant but still quirky and real, her writing is conversational and funny, and her thrift finds make me die with jealousy on a regular basis!” —moxielady | View moxielady's favorites
  • “best” —calbona | View calbona's favorites
  • “Witty and caustic humour, brilliant mid-century finds on a properly tight budget. No advertising and frequent posts.” —GreenClouds | View GreenClouds's favorites
  • “hilarious and stylish” —fozzieblue | View fozzieblue's favorites

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