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  • “She has great ideas without a great deal of cost..plus she's just plain fun.” —reggrady | View reggrady's favorites
  • “She is TOTALLY a JOY to learn great ideas with, and has a marvelous attitude towards life!” —carolrodda | View carolrodda's favorites
  • “honest, honestly funny, and honestly creative. we all get in ruts, but i love a person who can look at things upside-down or repurpose something with imagination and very few power tools!” —laffgirls | View laffgirls's favorites
  • “She's real.. Great ideas that are affordable and fun to read. She's very encouraging. Funny!” —mp4 | View mp4's favorites
  • “thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com” —lolobye5 | View lolobye5's favorites
  • “Her common sense, reachable ideas combined with gorgeous photography are INSPIRING!” —mrspabody | View mrspabody's favorites
  • “Her tutorials are easy to follow; her ideas are beautiful genious, and she has a wonderful sense of humor!” —jenleb | View jenleb's favorites
  • “She has FAB ideas about everything, she is sweet, funny and thrifty!” —stentkaupb | View stentkaupb's favorites
  • “Awesome blog...great ideas....inspiration at it's best” —radag | View radag's favorites
  • “She is so funny and has affordable ideas for home decor.” —kharri1122 | View kharri1122's favorites
  • “Her humor, ideas, and philosophy inspire this newly divorced, empty nester to personalize my new home to make it mine! Thanks TDC” —dandrews47 | View dandrews47's favorites
  • “I just love her, her quotes are a HOOT. She has great ideas and easy things that I can do. She makes my day. ” —alisakbridges2009 | View alisakbridges2009's favorites
  • “lovely blog! ” —stansbridge | View stansbridge's favorites
  • “Great ideas. Great fun.” —DeborahSS | View DeborahSS's favorites
  • “I heart TDC! I am totally addicted to her blog and can't wait to see what new creation she has dreamed up! I have been able to borrow some of her ideas to decorate my home! ” —gertiemae | View gertiemae's favorites
  • “Sarah is a frugal decorator and shows things you can do yourself and on a budget to boot! She is also hilarious to read!” —lolyst | View lolyst's favorites
  • “so many great decorating tips” —kiwiintexas | View kiwiintexas's favorites
  • “She's superwoman!” —candypal | View candypal's favorites

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