Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “my friend Betsy writes for it, and I truly enjoy it!” —barflyale | View barflyale's favorites
  • “because it's the blog my best friend Betsy and I write. A lot of dedication and effort goes in to TEOT everyday! Its a labor of love.” —sfarrell5 | View sfarrell5's favorites
  • “Aw! I second this being my favorite blog. There are so many wonderful Shelter blogs on the internet. This is the one that I visit everyday and think about each time I encounter decor inspiration! It's also a fantastic way to share love with Sarah and the many friends we've made through this format. I Love TEOT! ” —bootsy42 | View bootsy42's favorites
  • “They're the best! I love Betsy & Sarah.” —lil_drea | View lil_drea's favorites
  • “Because its awesome!! :-)” —little4tuncookie | View little4tuncookie's favorites
  • “I like they way they combine great taste wit and humor. The writers seem really down to earth - 'homies' I would like to hang out with (pun intended).” —modernglam | View modernglam's favorites
  • “clear presentations, good resources, interesting commentary” —mydesignspot | View mydesignspot's favorites
  • “I can get a "timeline" of ideas. From vintage to contemporary, The ideas of Betsy and Sarah are fresh and clean. .....Kudos girls.” —moyerra | View moyerra's favorites
  • “Always a lot of variety. Excellent suggestions Well written” —Astu | View Astu's favorites
  • “The Estate of Things always has a fresh and original take on well known design concepts. They also feature a lot of original ideas not covered elsewhere in the design blogosphere.” —home_d_coremaster | View home_d_coremaster's favorites
  • “Funny. And they have gotten me into a surprising number of things. I steal ideas from here regularly. ” —Bromeliad | View Bromeliad's favorites
  • “Just found this through the 2009 Homies and enjoying the archives already! Liking.” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “wonderful inspiration, love her style!” —zestynest | View zestynest's favorites

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