Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Great visuals and photography and you get insight into "Uncle Beefy"'s life and causes not just his style (not that that isn't fab on it's own!)” —Ruth | View Ruth's favorites
  • “because beefy is the ultimate dandy with exquisite taste and style!” —whorange | View whorange's favorites
  • “Where's the beef? It's with THE Uncle. Thank you for sharing your fabulous Style with us!!” —Chessa | View Chessa's favorites
  • “So much STYLE.” —DWF | View DWF's favorites
  • “Beefy is the bomb! He is not merely the uncle, he is the grandfather of funky! Everyone loves the beefmeister!” —decor8holly | View decor8holly's favorites
  • “Uncle Beefy is so charming, so genuine, so stylish...a tastemaker in every sense. I adore him and his blog- long live The Bedlam of Beefy!!” —rubypress | View rubypress's favorites
  • “Just plain awesomeness. Plus, he gives great tweet” —suby | View suby's favorites
  • “Uncle Beefy has an authentic and original voice, always finds amazing design, and has a heart of gold. Not to mention he makes sick-in-the-head cupcakes. LOVE HIM!” —thelilbee | View thelilbee's favorites
  • “He is just FUNNY ! Got a great quick wit..Oh...and STYLE too.....I LOVE my Uncle Beefy.....” —myfarmhousekitchen | View myfarmhousekitchen's favorites
  • “First of all, my dear & darling Uncle Beefy finds the most clever content and posts about so many things that just oooze with style. Secondly, he makes cupcakes which are my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world (and I'm still trying to get on the elusive cupcake taste-tester list of his). Thirdly? Third? Thricely? Anyways, he is one of the sweetest guys in the whole world and I can't wait for him to move closer so we can have cocktail dates. LOVE YOU BEEFY xoxoxo” —girlandcoconut | View girlandcoconut's favorites
  • “I'm a new follower of Uncle Beefy but immediately found myself sucked in by the over all look and vibe of his classy and sassy blog. The visual content is fabulous but it's his witty way with words that keeps me comin' back for more.” —fernandflora | View fernandflora's favorites
  • “What can I say it is the best. Kind of like ice cream with a cherry on top only it is cake with lovely pictures of the coolest stuff ever. UB is the best and the site is one of the loveliest to look at there is. Totally original. ” —barbaraatdaisys | View barbaraatdaisys's favorites
  • “Uncle Beefy I love you!” —grantkgibson | View grantkgibson's favorites
  • “love his sense of humor and his pics of modern, warm, romantic spaces” —teresacolor | View teresacolor's favorites
  • “Mons. Boeuf dazzles us all with his eye for the scrumptious, whilst wielding amusing wit and wordsmithery. Go Unc ! ” —GMGlimmerglass | View GMGlimmerglass's favorites
  • “His incredible wit, sense of style, I fall more in love with the Beefy every time I visit the blog!!” —sjr802 | View sjr802's favorites
  • “simply one of the best blogs.PERIOD!!!” —silentstoryteller | View silentstoryteller's favorites

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