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  • “Slim Paley is a warm and stylish blog with well presented ideas in home design, recipes, gardening, travel etc. The photography is spectacular. ” —LJC1 | View LJC1's favorites
  • “It's so well written, it makes me laugh as well as gives me fantastic entertaining and gift buying ideas!” —vangrl | View vangrl's favorites
  • “It's very different from other blogs. Great photos too!” —KellyB | View KellyB's favorites
  • “idiosyncratic, stylish---done with great aplomb and razor wit” —dabbsie | View dabbsie's favorites
  • “offers great decorating advice/ideas, is very well written, and they are amazing with a camera!” —moloko | View moloko's favorites
  • “This is a cute blog!!” —rajgal | View rajgal's favorites
  • “It calms me to look at it. It is beautiful in photography, ideas and charm. Though at this point I don't have the time to do or buy half of what SP suggests, I am enthralled by what she finds and inspired to think about the things in my life that I find beautiful and unique. SP' wit and writing style, as well as the people that comment on her site, make me feel like I am sitting around the coffee table with really stylish, cool friends. ” —kristicoop | View kristicoop's favorites
  • “Quirky and funny with a great eye.” —ShelteringGuy | View ShelteringGuy's favorites
  • “great visuals, great gift ideas, recipes, decorating ideas. ” —petuniab | View petuniab's favorites
  • “Slim Paley has beautiful pictures, great ideas and great writing. Very inspiring and helpful as we are in the midst of a home remodel. ” —rondalee1 | View rondalee1's favorites
  • “This is a very unique blog. The decorating tips are my favorite. The photography, gardening and recipes ideas are also outstanding. ” —arabella1 | View arabella1's favorites
  • “Because it's mine :)” —SlimPaley | View SlimPaley's favorites
  • “Witty, beautiful, original take on design, food, books, travel all done with incredible wit and originality.” —theladyeve | View theladyeve's favorites

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