Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Funny, pretty pictures” —nicolefalack | View nicolefalack's favorites
  • “Great sense of style, always witty,inspiring and personal! ” —trimman | View trimman's favorites
  • “Nicole is cool and inspiring! Check out her blog!!!” —marlenem | View marlenem's favorites
  • “sketch42 is the best blog ever. i read it to my kids every night before they go to sleep. i am completely obsessed. i want to marry sketch42!” —raf199 | View raf199's favorites
  • “i visit this blog every day! not only does she have a knack for home deisgn, she funny too. great writing!” —jshehebar | View jshehebar's favorites
  • “new and innovative ideas! ” —Claudy26 | View Claudy26's favorites
  • “Creative, interesting, never know what to expect! ” —cheriberry | View cheriberry's favorites
  • “Nicole's humor is hysterical. Whether she is posting about reality tv shows , home do it yourself projects, or her trips to Africa , she always manages to crack me up and keep me on my feet! Witty, eclectic, blunt and funny, this blog is definitely a must read!! ” —Guessm318 | View Guessm318's favorites
  • “I love the style, the photos, the comments!! Nicole's taste is perfect!” —rbraha | View rbraha's favorites
  • “Sketch 42 is one of my favorite blogs because it gives hopeless housewives a sense of style and tell them how to make a simple house into a beautiful masterpiece. It helps us all understand how we can create our own designs! ” —jennybean98 | View jennybean98's favorites
  • “ Inspiring and funny. it puts me in a good mood and brings out my creativity. i can read it for hours! ” —designheaven | View designheaven's favorites
  • “witty as she is stylish, nicole knows how to keep things interesting” —LauraCohen | View LauraCohen's favorites

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