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  • “This is one of my favorite blogs for the mere reason that it gives such great ideas for small space living on a budget. Between offering great DIY projects and product ideas; I also enjoy the personal touches from the blogger. Just check out her Christmas card on the blog and you'll see what I mean =)” —muffkm | View muffkm's favorites
  • “I like the myriad of different articles that talk about small spaces and how to get the absolute most out of them.” —affinitized | View affinitized's favorites
  • “I am about to move from a full house of 4 bedrooms to my own apartment with 2 bedrooms with limited space. I'm bored with my mom's white walls and really excited about decorating my own space :) This blog just gives tons of ideas on how to make any space, no matter how small, very fashionable! ” —Mz_Janice | View Mz_Janice's favorites
  • “it's pretty!” —faithdalakerfan | View faithdalakerfan's favorites
  • “DIY is really in right now and this site is like the end all, be all of all DIY sites.” —perfectjem8 | View perfectjem8's favorites
  • “It's cute, fun, and entertaining! I love all the blogs about small spaces.” —brithneyb | View brithneyb's favorites
  • “My wife and I love this blog! you have to check it out!” —richiet555 | View richiet555's favorites
  • “I just relocated to New York and like all NYC apartments, mine is tiny. This blog was my decorating guru for DIY projects, innovative decorating ideas and helpful links. This blog truly made my tiny "shoebox" apartment feel like a home. ” —lovelykristen | View lovelykristen's favorites
  • “so many great ideas for budget decor ” —chelseaj51 | View chelseaj51's favorites

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