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  • “Aran is an amazing food photographer. She brings her Basque heritage into her recipes with inspired results. Delicioso!” —ddh77 | View ddh77's favorites
  • “Victoria has great style and I like her point of view” —10cent | View 10cent's favorites
  • “Victoria provides design inspiration from the Bay Area and beyond.” —retreat171 | View retreat171's favorites
  • “A thorough design blog with original content” —nataliewalton | View nataliewalton's favorites
  • “pretty pictures and budget-friendly, love the aesthetic, also” —paperdaystudio | View paperdaystudio's favorites
  • “it is beautiful and accessible...the ideas and suggestions are not beyond my means.” —kcmooney | View kcmooney's favorites
  • “It's original and the writing is amazing.” —CherryTreeLane | View CherryTreeLane's favorites
  • “victoria has fantastic taste....just love everything she does and toots. she speaks my language!” —lisacoris | View lisacoris's favorites
  • “I absolutely love Victoria & her writing. Her home is amazing, she really knows what she's talking about.” —Geninne | View Geninne's favorites
  • “Victoria's blog is informative, upbeat and accessible. Love it!” —Choni | View Choni's favorites
  • “Victoria does an amazing job finding all things cool. Love, love, love our sfgirl!” —perchsf | View perchsf's favorites
  • “great style. great heart. great wit. ” —lexvegas | View lexvegas's favorites
  • “Victoria has one of the most informative, creative and unique blog. A "must read" for anyone that appreciates design and unique finds. Great photography too!” —lynng | View lynng's favorites
  • “victoria has such a great eye for retro, vintage, and modern style. her posts are inspiring and refreshing. i look forward to reading her blog everyday. :)” —sacredlotus | View sacredlotus's favorites
  • “I wish this woman's home was my own. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Love her photography too!” —elleandlula | View elleandlula's favorites
  • “Victoria has a fresh perspective infused with the charm of the classics- lovely! ” —Kir_DeVries | View Kir_DeVries's favorites
  • “Always enjoyed the great posts. Always such wonderful photos.” —Moke10 | View Moke10's favorites
  • “VIctoria has fresh ideas, draws from a variety of sources for Guest Bloggers and has an amazing eye. I adore her Sunday in the City series! ” —joanoconnor | View joanoconnor's favorites

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