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  • “As a do-it-yourselfer, I appreciate Room Remix's originality and creativity. Many of the ideas are fun and easy to do at home and give a quick fix to those "problem areas" in a home. Not only that, but RR encourages readers to reuse/repurpose things they already have to create lovely spaces - no matter what the size of the space. One of the biggest things I love about RR is that it can be edgy/contemporary and yet also traditional as well. It takes a very unique designer to pull off eclectic well. Room Remix is, by far, the best design blog for varying design tastes. ” —taylee65 | View taylee65's favorites
  • “Room Remix has it all. With today's economy it's always nice to find creative ideas that have an elegant look on a tight budget. No-one needs to know but you unless you're like me and like to brag about the enormous savings show just how savvy you really are. It's so important to up-cycle all we can in this day of disposable. This blog does just that with panache. There are more ideas there than I could possibly get to but isn't it nice to have so many options. Best decorating site I know.” —cottonpickincute | View cottonpickincute's favorites
  • “I love her work, her taste is modern, with a traditional basis, very colourful, so her posts are interesting and pleasing on the eye - every time!” —Annie2005 | View Annie2005's favorites
  • “I lLOVE Room Remix! Decorating a home can be avery daunting task but PK presents tips and ideas in a way taht makes everyone feel like they CAN decorate like a pro.” —undomesticchica | View undomesticchica's favorites
  • “Another one of my favorite bloggers. She brings her great personality to her creative blog!” —alvn | View alvn's favorites

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