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  • “Healthful recipes, fun DIY stuff and inspiring ideas for the garden, all wrapped up in smart, funny writing. Love it!” —pureeval | View pureeval's favorites
  • “She covers a whole range of topics and has easy ideas, solutions and suggestions!” —karenschineller | View karenschineller's favorites
  • “This blog has it all--gardening, cooking, crafts, and more. I particularly like the organization tips and the advice for healthier eating. ” —erika27 | View erika27's favorites
  • “Helpful and creative information, great photos, good writing.” —crafty | View crafty's favorites
  • “Super fun. I love the ideas and advice!” —HomeRunner | View HomeRunner's favorites
  • “Great writing, timely topics, informative yet fun, doesn't take itself too seriously” —cbeal23 | View cbeal23's favorites

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