Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Paloma does a wonderful job of highlighting amazing interior designers and their projects as well as entertaining blogger questionnaire series that are always a delight!” —casslavalle | View casslavalle's favorites
  • “Always updated and inspiring, even for the "non professional" decorator like myself. I love the diversity in her blog as well. One of the first blogs I read along with my morning coffee.” —luannhughes | View luannhughes's favorites
  • “Everyone loves Paloma's blog! ” —smallchicjeannine | View smallchicjeannine's favorites
  • “She is a hometown girl which gives me a new perspective on Houston and I just love her young creative outlook on design.” —debele14 | View debele14's favorites
  • “Paloma rocks!” —copycatchic | View copycatchic's favorites
  • “Dolce Vita is a huge inspiration. Paloma has such an eye for design and makes it fun and accessible through her blog.” —MariaA | View MariaA's favorites
  • “It's one of the first designs I discovered and fell in love with! ” —ari1185 | View ari1185's favorites
  • “Paloma is always so enthusiastic about new design and takes such great photos to illustrate her point. She is always right on 'the pulse' of what's "HOT"!! ” —theurbanmarkethouston | View theurbanmarkethouston's favorites

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