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  • “AnNicole is an ordinary gal who tackles huge projects. I feel like if she can do it, I can do it. ” —tretre | View tretre's favorites
  • “New home with cottage style great! change diffrent options for lovers of cottage style without the price of reno in an older property.I love the ideas that make a newer home have charm and character. ” —comeca | View comeca's favorites
  • “Her style and approach is clean and clear. And her taste is exquisite without breaking the bank!” —KolentynePoppy | View KolentynePoppy's favorites
  • “A young decorator with creative and inexpensive ideas!” —mammawags | View mammawags's favorites
  • “Our Suburban Cottage is one of my favorite blogs because of AnNicole's witty commentary and creative ideas!” —khb | View khb's favorites
  • “Fresh, witty writing from a very honest perspective. Love AnNicole's finds and resourcefulness - great sense of style. ” —Bydesignjb | View Bydesignjb's favorites
  • “She gives great ideas that anyone can do.” —kiki1306 | View kiki1306's favorites
  • “Lots of great affordable ideas.” —ElizabethBlueClearSky | View ElizabethBlueClearSky's favorites
  • “Great blog.” —candypal | View candypal's favorites

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