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  • “A charming read; tasteful and eclectic decor inspirations; Features artists and cool home tours from around the world... ” —divyaiyer | View divyaiyer's favorites
  • “Nice pictures - very artistic. Great sense of color matching.” —vmpisvm | View vmpisvm's favorites
  • “Excellent taste and beautiful pictures from all over the world. A daily source of inspiration - I couldnt do without!” —Anarkali | View Anarkali's favorites
  • “Good collection and information of design and decor . Inspires and motivates you to change and beautify your own surroundings .Can't wait to see more .Thank you .” —sujshe | View sujshe's favorites
  • “This blog features very inspiring posts and delicious images.....love going there and checking out her latest entries !” —AllemStudio | View AllemStudio's favorites

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