Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “It's raw, edgy and so very different.” —Brismod | View Brismod's favorites
  • “I like this blog because it's one the few mens interior blogs. it's been a good resource for finding good rustic and industrial furniture as well as nice menswear. one of my new favs for sure.” —mtnyc | View mtnyc's favorites
  • “no pretense, love it!!” —LJCNYC | View LJCNYC's favorites
  • “So great. Such a neat culling-together of inspiring images. ” —theserovingeyes | View theserovingeyes's favorites
  • “the images are great, I also like the writing. His sense of style is right up my alley. ” —kimou | View kimou's favorites
  • “I love everything that he posts. His eye is exceptional. I love his All Together posts, so amazing!!” —dthompson | View dthompson's favorites
  • “His keen eye on design details is flawless and it always seems like his tastes are like mine. ” —jlayne10 | View jlayne10's favorites
  • “I grew up with Myles and he has always had a great sense of style. From his clothes to his cars to how he had his house decorated. This blog is so on point and right up my alley. ” —tomchristy | View tomchristy's favorites
  • “Updated frequently and his writing makes me laugh. ” —trevorp | View trevorp's favorites
  • “an awesome eye, attention to detail and quirky commentary” —culturesnobette | View culturesnobette's favorites
  • “MylesHenryBlog has quickly become my go to for interior ideas. I could spend all day going through pages and pages of his blog. ” —vinnybryan | View vinnybryan's favorites
  • “impeccable styling with a unique, quirky, deadpan commentary. frequent updates. very aspirational and inspirational.” —delve1der | View delve1der's favorites
  • “amazing attention to detail and love all the posts good vintage. ” —jouteda | View jouteda's favorites
  • “always great content, no filler garbage. it's a blog I look forward to checking every day. ” —joshuad | View joshuad's favorites
  • “I like that he posts a good amount of affordable goods on his blog. Always putting me on to a new store. ” —strongisland | View strongisland's favorites
  • “Incredible taste and fresh new perspective on design!” —jaziphat | View jaziphat's favorites
  • “I love everything about this blog. The altogether ebay posts are great. ” —CarlSand | View CarlSand's favorites
  • “I really love his sense of style and how he puts everything together. ” —VincePeters | View VincePeters's favorites
  • “Timeless style” —joeatl | View joeatl's favorites
  • “He has always been the guy I go to for decor advice so happy he finally started a blog now I can check what he is up to every day. ” —jennyfromatl | View jennyfromatl's favorites
  • “The Lo post was amazing. The All Together posts are incredible. I check this blog every morning. ” —pumpkinhead | View pumpkinhead's favorites
  • “Nothing else has its voice” —sonofray | View sonofray's favorites
  • “it's unique, like no other blog out there. ” —ajbknyc | View ajbknyc's favorites
  • “I love the clean and clutter free design of the pages. It is visually very appealing and the content is very interesting and unique.” —grandjc | View grandjc's favorites
  • “I wish I could have this guy decorate my house, his taste is impeccable. ” —janicehuffer | View janicehuffer's favorites
  • “amazing taste. always high quality posts.” —meanstein0823 | View meanstein0823's favorites
  • “This blog seems to always post all of my favorite things. I love the writing too. ” —almadom | View almadom's favorites
  • “great design eye!” —hvw8tyg | View hvw8tyg's favorites
  • “myles has a keen sense of design and style, and an eye for the sleek and modern” —hello1 | View hello1's favorites
  • “It features clean, modern, classic, masculine designs. Something that is sorely lacking in the industry. ” —hyunk | View hyunk's favorites
  • “I'm a big fan of Myleshenry's stuff. He's got a great eye for classic looking designs and materials that would work in any type of NYC apartment. I particularly like the way he posts items and designs that can be replicated simply by visiting a local thrift store. Def one of my new faves! ” —jerryovaltine | View jerryovaltine's favorites

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