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  • “Everything Nicole does, I instantly fall in love with. I feel that our color tastes are quite similar.” —puck | View puck's favorites
  • “Great photos!” —ee2485 | View ee2485's favorites
  • “One of the first blogs I've already read and I've been hooked ever since! She has great style!!! Its my favorite!” —laurie615 | View laurie615's favorites
  • “I love her feminine but not overly girly style!” —beautifulpaper | View beautifulpaper's favorites
  • “Nicole Balch has a terrific eye for detail. Her rooms have lots of texture and depth from fabrics to paint to wallpaper. She carefully plots her design plans on the home and often shows a mock-up of the changes before she executes. Her layouts of her decorating ideas are similar to a magazine spread. I also love her idea to photograph her daughter (with handmade number ribbons) every month in the eames rocker to document her growth. Nicole is amazingly talented!” —librarymary | View librarymary's favorites
  • “Nicole's blog has evolved into a very lovely spot to get lost in online. Her design sensibility is fresh and feminine, and her graphic design skills really set her site apart as unique and visually quite stunning.” —decor8holly | View decor8holly's favorites
  • “On nicole's site I get to move out of my neutral, constantly-renovating world and virtually live in a brave colourful and clean home for a while. ” —belindagraham | View belindagraham's favorites
  • “I love that there are so many fresh ideas drawn from all the different parts of Nicole's life -- her business (designing and selling stationery), her home (remodeled Oak Park bungalow), her family (husband Brandon, and his tolerance of the colour pink) and now baby Eleanor, too -- again, she documents motherhood in her own fresh and lively way.” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “I just love Nicole's style...and her baby is adorable! :-)” —decoraddict | View decoraddict's favorites
  • “All you have to do is look at her house and it's obvious why.” —lsaspacey1 | View lsaspacey1's favorites
  • “Nicole always showcases beautiful finds, and has exquisite taste.” —urbanbydesign | View urbanbydesign's favorites
  • “marvelous fantasy” —rideout | View rideout's favorites
  • “Nicole is authentic, approachable, and her own individual. All of these traits shine in her blog.” —jpkendall | View jpkendall's favorites
  • “Nicole is true to herself and that reflects clearly in her incredible sense of style. What I would do to be half as bold and creative!” —pancakesandfrenchfries | View pancakesandfrenchfries's favorites
  • “Love her style and how she handles household design with a young 'un in the home. Kid friendly doesn't mean surrendering creative design!” —pxlchk1 | View pxlchk1's favorites
  • “I really enjoy watching the evolution of Nicole's home and following her process. The clever detail she and her husband put into their home is delightful.” —amandamuses | View amandamuses's favorites
  • “Nicole's blog makes you think outside the box - she brings such great character and personality to her home (and her shop!) and it makes me appreciate the color pink so much more! ” —CarMaj | View CarMaj's favorites
  • “I just think Nicole is the modern-day Martha, she's just so neat and talented!” —paperdaystudio | View paperdaystudio's favorites
  • “it's always lovely!” —minxo5 | View minxo5's favorites
  • “Just filled with cuteness!” —Coopersmama | View Coopersmama's favorites
  • “I love the collages she does, especially the Making It Yours series.” —cuminafterall | View cuminafterall's favorites
  • “eames rocker!” —ssabbe | View ssabbe's favorites
  • “Very pretty and lovely ideas.” —CamillaC | View CamillaC's favorites
  • “Nicole has fabulous taste and ideas.” —pattrippiedi | View pattrippiedi's favorites
  • “Nicole's feminine flair is so contagious!” —myheartbehaves | View myheartbehaves's favorites
  • “unique, colourful, retro, vintage, amazing personality, relatible” —visualheart | View visualheart's favorites
  • “Nicole has a great eye for style and I am always inspired when I read her blog” —sweetheartoftherodeo | View sweetheartoftherodeo's favorites
  • “Nicole has such fabulous ideas all the time! I think I might be addicted to checking her blog daily. :)” —samae | View samae's favorites
  • “Nicole has a way of sparking your imagination with all her lovely designs.” —cubbear | View cubbear's favorites
  • “i like her style” —akiashell | View akiashell's favorites
  • “A lovely blog!” —tothenest | View tothenest's favorites
  • “Great taste! Great Inspiration!” —Mlss0 | View Mlss0's favorites
  • “Nicole has a wonderful personal sense of design. One I plan to copy and adapt!” —pencils | View pencils's favorites
  • “quirky adorable livable style. I want to copy everything nicole does (sometimes I do!)” —katiethelady | View katiethelady's favorites
  • “When she needs a toy basket she gets the most beautiful one ever, at a great price. Ditto the Christmas tree, ditto everything.” —GreenClouds | View GreenClouds's favorites
  • “i love the concept of great design (and beauty) for all... and this site supports that.” —kbuchheit | View kbuchheit's favorites

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