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  • “I love watching her transformations. I'm a huge fan of happy endings ... and that's what she does to decrepit, unwanted furniture. She makes them lovable & fresh. You can almost see the furniture smile! :) ” —cREaTe | View cREaTe's favorites
  • “Barbara does an outstanding job on keeping us in the know in her local area and beyond...you go girl!” —LauraKAikenMosaics | View LauraKAikenMosaics's favorites
  • “Ah..Barb is so talented and very lovely! Love to see what she is creating on a regular basis! xo” —luckylife2009 | View luckylife2009's favorites
  • “I really enjoy her take on design and furniture. Truly unique.” —sparrowsnest1 | View sparrowsnest1's favorites
  • “LOVE her ideas and finds!!! Best Blog ever!!” —megannorman | View megannorman's favorites

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