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  • “They Rule!” —moepong | View moepong's favorites
  • “Fresh Scandinavian ideas” —djvagu | View djvagu's favorites
  • “Juli and John have big, palpable love for Scandinavian design. And a true appreciation that goes way beyond the "I'm currently heart-ing....". I am so excited for their new venture, mjölk. They can't put a foot wrong!” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “A fellow Canadian blogger with amazing style. I'm normally not a fan of minimalist decor but they manage to make me not mind it :)” —kiwi | View kiwi's favorites
  • “My daily fix of Scandinavian design. Can't wait to visit their new store! Congrats!” —smada | View smada's favorites
  • “I am a big fan of Scandinavian design, and John and Juli are too. I love to read about their special finds, their redecorating and now about their new store Mjölk. It's a pity that I live so far from Toronto (in the Netherlands), because I would love to visit the shop.” —Juliadrusilla | View Juliadrusilla's favorites
  • “Kitka has better style and taste than all the other decor blogs out there, a modern site and always lots of great new inspirational content! A daily visit for sure! ” —valeriav | View valeriav's favorites
  • “A wonderfully inspirational and smart couple with a great sense of style. :)” —Danielg | View Danielg's favorites

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