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  • “Great ideas from a very friendly p.o.v.” —md47 | View md47's favorites
  • “Kenneth offers his readers such great design tips and ideas. He's a wonderful person and designer!” —1wiley1 | View 1wiley1's favorites
  • “Kenneth's work is awesome!” —kbfc | View kbfc's favorites
  • “Kenneth Brown's website has a lot to offer anyone interested in interior design. There are pictures of his completed projects that showcase his talent,for design. On his blog he not only gives design tips but shows us what is happening in world of design . What I love most is the weekly video where he answers design questions from his fans and viewers which are are varied and always informative. The links to the KBD Facebook and Twitter,pages is another way that keeps his design fans informed.” —cajow518 | View cajow518's favorites
  • “great design” —heidikagarakis | View heidikagarakis's favorites
  • “I feel he is the best! I love his style and I too can have it in my home.” —Kcphilleo | View Kcphilleo's favorites
  • “I find he easily transports you to a another world of color, form & design. He knows how to communicate unique creations of design.” —paolina | View paolina's favorites
  • “he's simply the best!” —designchallenged | View designchallenged's favorites
  • “So much design information from a very talented designer and there is something new all the time!” —roncarolw | View roncarolw's favorites
  • “Kenneth keeps his blog fun and fresh with interesting content updated frequently.” —meryls | View meryls's favorites
  • “He explains what he is doing.” —sharonmcelfish | View sharonmcelfish's favorites
  • “Kenneth Brown is so talented, but most importantly so accessible for those of us who would not ordinarily have access to someone such as him. His site offers such useful and practical tips.” —fanofkb | View fanofkb's favorites
  • “simple and beautiful design - can be adapted to all price ranges” —squeezy | View squeezy's favorites
  • “Kenneth rocks!!” —joedesign | View joedesign's favorites
  • “Kenneth's style is sophistcated and yet still down-to-earth. His rooms are beautiful! ” —dmdevotee | View dmdevotee's favorites
  • “Kenneth's blog offers design ideas for all budgets.” —lwiley | View lwiley's favorites
  • “Love his design style.” —designpro | View designpro's favorites
  • “Kenneth Brown and his website are simply the very best! He teaches us all that we can have a beautiful home even if we do not have a high end budget..” —cjoan1938 | View cjoan1938's favorites

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