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  • “Great info and images! Rachel is so helpful and supportive!” —ediredesign | View ediredesign's favorites
  • “excellent knowledge of color, very informative -- always a lot to learn on this blog.” —decor8holly | View decor8holly's favorites
  • “great educated perspective on all things color-related” —reperls | View reperls's favorites
  • “amazing color info. well-written and insightful, hue always delivers intelligent info on the world of color! a must-read for color enthusiasts.” —artestyling | View artestyling's favorites
  • “Because Rachel is a journalist -not a narcissist.” —elizabethbrown | View elizabethbrown's favorites
  • “Rachel talks a lot about how products intersect with colour, a subject that totally fascinates me! ” —mariakillam | View mariakillam's favorites
  • “Rachel is a good writer with a knack for creating engaging topics. She enthusiastically shares her color information and resources in a comment-friendly environment.” —bjacobs | View bjacobs's favorites

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