Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “It's chic!” —abbydecorina | View abbydecorina's favorites
  • “makes me want to move to NYC!” —lcyblog | View lcyblog's favorites
  • “Heather's blog is always interesting! I have learned a lot about the world of design through her posts.” —pamelag | View pamelag's favorites
  • “I love it because it's always inspiring, fresh, and really captures a stylish, sophisicaed aesthetic and point of view!” —kstewart4775 | View kstewart4775's favorites
  • “Always chic!” —stylescribe | View stylescribe's favorites
  • “She's always current, I love her point of view, and even when she covers an article in a magazine I've already read, she makes me see it from another perspective.” —kimhh | View kimhh's favorites
  • “Smart, chic, and original!” —Tellme | View Tellme's favorites
  • “Heather works hard for her readers.” —louise | View louise's favorites
  • “It's super-chic, sophisticated, elegant, current updated daily, with great images and a clear and organized format.” —lauramat | View lauramat's favorites
  • “Very informative and consistently updated. A home design blog for the regular person. ” —designingdreams10 | View designingdreams10's favorites
  • “single minded determined elegance” —rideout | View rideout's favorites
  • “She has a wonderful point of view. Because she is an interior design professional, she has a trained eye and she is also "plugged in" to the movers and shakers. At the same time, her advice makes good design accessible to those who can't afford to pay for one. ” —Rowena | View Rowena's favorites
  • “If you are in the know..then the answer is obvious!” —slimpmp20 | View slimpmp20's favorites
  • “Intelligent look at the past and inspiring view to the future - very chic! very smart!” —jmr | View jmr's favorites
  • “Great variety and new thinking!” —A11705 | View A11705's favorites
  • “Hands down, one of the finest home design blogs. thoughtful, intelligent and engaging posts by Heather Clawson. ” —mazen399 | View mazen399's favorites
  • “So entertaining and varied~ It's the first mail I open everyday.” —PSJohnson | View PSJohnson's favorites
  • “Heather fills her blogs with beautiful decor. It is obvious she works diligently!” —SplendidSass | View SplendidSass's favorites
  • “Love your insights and her amazing inventory of images” —kibwe | View kibwe's favorites
  • “To read Heather's blog is to know her. It about more than design. She is a very real person, making her way in this world like so many of us. Reading her posts on a daily basis is not only inspiring but more importantly, reassuring - it's comforting to have a connection with something who shares the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a happy life. ” —marielaura | View marielaura's favorites
  • “I find her blog informative, very nice to look at and fun!” —anonymes | View anonymes's favorites
  • “Heather has a knack for sharing sophisticated taste with a fresh honest voice. I always look forward to her posts as a window into a chic world.” —skewdesign | View skewdesign's favorites
  • “Always chic, informative, well-written, sophisticated point of view without being snobbish! A plesure to read!” —susu713 | View susu713's favorites
  • “Its NYC based and doesnt resort to cattiness like some of the other, more suburban ones do.” —cubistnyc | View cubistnyc's favorites
  • “Heather is connected and smart. She Heather works hard to never be mundane. South Texas LOVES her. ” —lexingtongirl2 | View lexingtongirl2's favorites
  • “Love Heather. Everything she does is so informative and interesting. Always amazed at all of the info she gives. Love her sense of humor and honesty. ” —wishmanne | View wishmanne's favorites
  • “Heather has great taste and style!” —loveshackmarshall | View loveshackmarshall's favorites
  • “because its chic!” —ainsley | View ainsley's favorites
  • “It's my daily dose of chic therapy!” —strongclan | View strongclan's favorites
  • “Love this blog!” —Noelie | View Noelie's favorites
  • “I like Heather's taste and her blog entries are inspiring.” —janfaw | View janfaw's favorites
  • “Eye candy. Frequent posts with inspiring photos.” —Decorno | View Decorno's favorites
  • “It is very chic!! I love the ideas!” —fernandadesio | View fernandadesio's favorites
  • “Heather introduces the reader to new designers and surprising new sources and designs. Always fresh.” —clemmie12 | View clemmie12's favorites
  • “Fabtastic! Add to your daily reading!” —designershay | View designershay's favorites

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