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  • “love the pictures!” —maxwell | View maxwell's favorites
  • “One stop shop of home design” —djvagu | View djvagu's favorites
  • “Emma has amazing taste” —smheslop | View smheslop's favorites
  • “A definite style, a clear sense of what she loves, and what she loves is beautiful.” —drowsy | View drowsy's favorites
  • “Emma is a doll! She gave me a personal tour of Stockholm in 07 and we met up again in Amsterdam in 08 and all I can say is Emma is exactly how she "reads" in her blog -- stylist, down-to-earth, and an amazing eye for clean, modern design.” —decor8holly | View decor8holly's favorites
  • “I put Emma 'up there' with the girls from desiretoinspire.net in terms of finding new visuals. And 'up there' with Anna@D16 in terms of enviable personal style. Hell, she's just 'up there' full stop.” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “great style, simple and charming blog” —Lorisf | View Lorisf's favorites

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