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  • “Great renovations by real people.” —elliottkaty | View elliottkaty's favorites
  • “Cause Anna is just cool! Love her big old house and looking forward to her seeing her new pad!” —laurie615 | View laurie615's favorites
  • “She has a spunky design spirit. A love of black and white and plus signs. A unique, individual perspective on what makes good design. It's a personal blog with NO advertising and a strong ethic. I am soooooo excited every time she posts.” —taniatingel | View taniatingel's favorites
  • “design inspiration,do-it-yourself ideas” —pegr | View pegr's favorites
  • “She's very passionate about design and very meticulous about her renovations. Also very good at documenting her process.” —fahm | View fahm's favorites
  • “a fabulous sense of style is contained within this blog” —Brismod | View Brismod's favorites
  • “Anna has a superb sense of style. Clean and classy.” —aroundtheblockdesigns | View aroundtheblockdesigns's favorites
  • “Her attention to detail and DIY is really inspiring, as well as the amount of thought that goes into her posts and her answers. Love this blog. ” —scram | View scram's favorites
  • “IT IS SO GREAT. That is all.” —jsabino | View jsabino's favorites
  • “Vision and hard work, amazing results. Love Anna's beautiful home. Love how she shares her process and inspiration. ” —drowsy | View drowsy's favorites
  • “I am in the process of purchasing my first home; a 1929 all brick bungalow that has essentially been gutted. I visit Door Sixteen daily for decorating and remodel ideas. The blog is so accesible and Anna has a true appreciation for contemporary design without being sterile. I am totally mimicking her decorating style for my house. (Translation = overall a lovely spot to visit)” —mandyewing | View mandyewing's favorites
  • “Anna is true to the history of her home, yet adds a modern touch. Love it!” —puck | View puck's favorites
  • “Anna is the girl we all wanted to be at school, and Door 16 is the house we'd all now like to live in. Anna oozes style, and is also the most utterly charming person I've never met. Her home is hip, but is also the most utterly liveable space I've never visited. I admire her attention to detail, her sympathy for history, her boldness to go forth and modernize, and her willingness to share all that she has learned. PS In addition, she won't be compromised by advertising. I respect that enormously. ” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “i love a good renovation. anna's tips are invaluable and her style enviable. love it all” —belindagraham | View belindagraham's favorites
  • “Amazing renovations and a very "clean" look.” —thessa | View thessa's favorites
  • “Anna is honest, smart and so creative!” —emw2010 | View emw2010's favorites
  • “anna has an unflappable, on-pointe design sensibility. she's exacting and dedicated and warm. i can't get enough of door sixteen! ” —ashleyadamsenglish | View ashleyadamsenglish's favorites
  • “Anna is a brilliant visual communicator, and has created a wonderful place for readers to share her home improvement adventures. She is generous with information and inspiration, and her blog is always well written and honest.” —boba | View boba's favorites
  • “Anna has a great sense of style and design. I love looking at the pictures she posts because they exude a sense of calm and ease. It's also interesting to read the information she posts about Newburgh. I look forward to reading the updates and features on this blog. It brightens my day!” —kalangenberg | View kalangenberg's favorites
  • “Anna's posts are full of information and very inspirational!! Her projects give me the confidence to take on makeover projects in my own home.” —pamelag | View pamelag's favorites
  • “Anna has great style and is very inspiring. She regularly posts images from unexpected and unusual places. Her writing is excellent and sincere and is just personal enough to keep me coming back.” —kara75 | View kara75's favorites
  • “Anna's sense of style. Very excited to see what she will do with her new apartment.” —kyli | View kyli's favorites
  • “Her style is so clean and modern and they follow their renovation accurately and historically, doing as much of the work themselves as they can.” —lsaspacey1 | View lsaspacey1's favorites
  • “Great writing, style and dogs!” —kalexander | View kalexander's favorites
  • “Gorgeous house on a budget!” —Autheress | View Autheress's favorites
  • “Great design inspiration.” —kittycat | View kittycat's favorites
  • “anna's home is absolutely adorable, the blog is a lovely mix of diy's, inspiration, and personal topics. all-around best home/personal blog i've seen in a while.” —joshhh | View joshhh's favorites
  • “Each post is clearly an effort. There is truly a thoughtful human behind this work.” —Stewf | View Stewf's favorites
  • “I love her style!” —elissa | View elissa's favorites
  • “Anna has great, taste, great ideas and she's just cool.” —redhedm | View redhedm's favorites
  • “very streamlined aesthetic, which I like” —paperdaystudio | View paperdaystudio's favorites
  • “I am a lover and a painter!” —Coopersmama | View Coopersmama's favorites
  • “great ideas...with great style!” —sparrowsnest1 | View sparrowsnest1's favorites
  • “i want to be her when i grow up” —sosweetcandid | View sosweetcandid's favorites
  • “Great to see new life breathed into this old NY house.” —CamillaC | View CamillaC's favorites
  • “Anna's sense of style is rivaled only by her amazing personality.” —RaspberrySwirly | View RaspberrySwirly's favorites
  • “Excellent design on all levels. ” —sarajensen | View sarajensen's favorites
  • “I love her style, and she finds the cutest knick knacks !” —kristin617 | View kristin617's favorites
  • “Anna is steadfast in her vision, execution and the results are visually stunning.” —thrownforaloop | View thrownforaloop's favorites
  • “aesthetics and ideas i can relate to. DIY done beautifully. and, Morrissey!” —ratita | View ratita's favorites
  • “Door Sixteen is my absolute favorite home design blog! Anna has amazing taste and is so talented! I look forward to her posts and get so much inspiration from her.” —kellygreen | View kellygreen's favorites
  • “A great place to get inspiration for your own home renovations and to find the courage to do it yourself!” —ahuckle | View ahuckle's favorites
  • “I love her real time approach to design. she does it for herself and that she is good at what she does makes it great.” —carolc | View carolc's favorites
  • “Anna is so meticulous and opinionated. I don't entirely understand her fascination with all things MJ, but Morrissey and her design asthetic rings wonderful with me.” —knvore | View knvore's favorites
  • “Honest writing and a great design eye. Basically a visit to her blog is like a cup of tea, at a good friends house who is a design extraordinaire with lots of great tips and honesty!” —skytea | View skytea's favorites
  • “Anna is a talented writer, Her warmth and intelligence comes through every post. She doesn't take advertising. And her taste is exquisite.” —GreenClouds | View GreenClouds's favorites
  • “my daily inspiring website!” —luisella | View luisella's favorites

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