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  • “Clean, crisp, nice and informative!” —alberwin | View alberwin's favorites
  • “Written by a professional interior designer, Kristin works hard to share her experiences, discoveries, and passion for interior design. Her approach is different - with an educational slant - as she invites her readers to discover interior design through her eyes. She even offers EXCELLENT posts filled with tips on decorating.” —DawnShenanig | View DawnShenanig's favorites
  • “I really like this site,she is the tops as far as I am conerned..” —GRANDMATO10 | View GRANDMATO10's favorites
  • “because Kristin brings interior design to the design enthusiast in a fun, inspiring, and creative way. ” —bprestont | View bprestont's favorites
  • “The author is quirky and fun to read, but she really knows her stuff. She has a fresh take on her blog that keeps me coming back for more. Some of my favorites are the featured designer articles and "Spark Plugs" always get me ready to start my own project. Discover ID deserves to win for the creativity, knowledge and know-how that come together on this truly delightful website. It's one of my favorites and the only blog I read regularly.” —Trudie1005 | View Trudie1005's favorites
  • “Kristin has the insight of what most people want in their rooms. comfort,style and function” —Brat0059 | View Brat0059's favorites
  • “She has great features, a daily read.” —shiraira | View shiraira's favorites
  • “kristin is so fun and offers fresh content! ” —gatheringspriggs | View gatheringspriggs's favorites
  • “Kristin is a very bright and talented interior designer and I always learn something new and interesting whenever i read her blog.” —ericker451 | View ericker451's favorites
  • “Kristin is delightful and uplifting even on the most dreary of days. She makes hard projects easier they way she explains them and gives the reader an insider's (designer) viewpoint, one which may make all the difference in the world. I love this blog and so will you!!!!” —yatehey | View yatehey's favorites
  • “Lots of great designer tips! Love the explanation of many unknown interior design lingo and home elements...” —daniella_z | View daniella_z's favorites
  • “Kristen is a LEED certified interior designer whose blog always brings me fresh sources of inspiration! Its a beautiful blog and Kristen herself is an absolute pleasure! Don't miss this one!” —HighGlossBlue | View HighGlossBlue's favorites
  • “The photos on this blog are amazing!” —ana | View ana's favorites
  • “Great blog. One of my daily reads. Thanks Kristin!” —ModernMommy | View ModernMommy's favorites
  • “Ease of use. Quality tips and explanations” —fletch666 | View fletch666's favorites
  • “Such a great site - lots of interesting inspiration, varied but cohesive in design philosophy. Fantastic job!” —trillian13 | View trillian13's favorites
  • “It always showcases unique, fresh, inspiring interior design ideas and the layout of the site is well organized. ” —emilybrowne | View emilybrowne's favorites
  • “Kristin is a very talented interior designer and her love for the profession is seen in her blog. ” —adot | View adot's favorites
  • “Smooth, informative, artistic -- it's coffee for the internet.” —chirospasm | View chirospasm's favorites
  • “Kristin has created such a wonderful place in the blogosphere, full of inspiration and ideas of how to make your home look and feel good. She is a true talent and her passion shines through everything she does. A daily read!” —sparklingink | View sparklingink's favorites

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