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  • “Very well written.” —sstrudeau | View sstrudeau's favorites
  • “I love Heather's take on everything!” —Ruth | View Ruth's favorites
  • “beautiful, love the etsy take five tuesdays” —zannahdu | View zannahdu's favorites
  • “kust fab!” —stansbridge | View stansbridge's favorites
  • “Holly shows beautiful things, but she's also kind, thoughtful, and generous.” —pinklovesbrown | View pinklovesbrown's favorites
  • “holly inspired me to start blogging - love her finds, her style, her personality. bonus: she's the sweetest person” —belindagraham | View belindagraham's favorites
  • “This was the very first design blog I ever came across, and the one that led me to all the rest. Holly works so very hard and never stops believing. I love how she champions unknown artisans. And how she reveals of herself (including insecurities and mistakes).” —JoJenks | View JoJenks's favorites
  • “Beautiful, full of eye candy, inspiration and well written posts. Holly's support for other bloggers and unknown artisans is amazing and her personality shines through each post.” —ishandchi | View ishandchi's favorites
  • “I adore the images she uses, as well as the way she creates the feeling that you're part of her life. Its one of my daily reads. ” —squeakyarmadillo | View squeakyarmadillo's favorites
  • “No explanation needed, Holly is THE QUEEN of Decor/Style/Design blogs. Love you Holly!” —decoraddict | View decoraddict's favorites
  • “It's consistently smart, and always lovely.” —urbanbydesign | View urbanbydesign's favorites
  • “Holly is kind, generous and very inspiring. She is living proof that dreams can come true.” —emw2010 | View emw2010's favorites
  • “I love Holly's humor!” —mina180 | View mina180's favorites
  • “all beauty” —rideout | View rideout's favorites
  • “Always fresh, well written and personal with special treats every not and then.” —LauraKAikenMosaics | View LauraKAikenMosaics's favorites
  • “Holly is obviously so talented and has such an amazing eye but, she is also so great at fostering community and encouraging artists and readers alike to believe in themselves. Beautiful...I adore her! xo” —luckylife2009 | View luckylife2009's favorites
  • “Beautiful images and she really cares about her readers.” —elissa | View elissa's favorites
  • “My all time favorite decor blog!” —luxxurylivving | View luxxurylivving's favorites
  • “The images, amount and style of writing and subject matter” —paperdaystudio | View paperdaystudio's favorites
  • “Holly is one of the most genuine, resourceful, and inspiring bloggers out there. It is truly a treat to visit her site!” —travelingmama | View travelingmama's favorites
  • “good original material!” —sparrowsnest1 | View sparrowsnest1's favorites
  • “beautiful images and a wonderful source of inspiration for creating and buying” —roseyanna | View roseyanna's favorites
  • “A long-time fave that never fails to inspire.” —KidStyleFile | View KidStyleFile's favorites
  • “I love Holly's written voice, her taste and her eye for unique finds.” —amandamuses | View amandamuses's favorites
  • “i have visited this site almost every day for over four years. it is like an old friend.” —rebeccameital | View rebeccameital's favorites
  • “Holly has one of the best blogs on the net.” —misschrissa | View misschrissa's favorites
  • “Well written, creative and a blog to aspire to!” —BakerGirl23 | View BakerGirl23's favorites
  • “Holly consistently offers amazingly gorgeous content but writes in such a great way you feel as though you're having a cup of coffee/tea with a dear friend who is telling you excitedly about her cool finds. I'm amazed that she posts multiple times a day and it's always top notch stuff. I also think she is extremely generous—she is constantly promoting young artists and fledgling bloggers. One of the classiest bloggers around, that Holly! ” —galexiegirl | View galexiegirl's favorites
  • “Upbeat warm style, always inspiring.” —leciaphinney | View leciaphinney's favorites
  • “a joy to read daily :)” —Hettle | View Hettle's favorites
  • “always inspirational” —minxo5 | View minxo5's favorites
  • “Holly always finds the coolest artists and is so gracious in her generosity towards readers and other bloggers” —reperls | View reperls's favorites
  • “Holly is one of the most inspiring gals I have met in the blogosphere. Her eye for design is incredible and her warmth radiates from everything she does! ” —acreativemint | View acreativemint's favorites
  • “Hands down the blog that has had the biggest impact on me this year. I love Holly's design aesthetic and the high quality of the editorial content on her site. It's never just the 'same old' content doing the rounds of bloggers. Always fresh and always engaging.” —elleandlula | View elleandlula's favorites
  • “Holly creates true quality content, sharing her never ending inspiration in so many ways in her own true and personal voice. Her love for blogging, her audience and the home and design topics shows in everything she does. One of the most talented and hard working bloggers of the year!” —sparklingink | View sparklingink's favorites
  • “It is like an online magazine with personality. Holly writes well and gets involved with her readers. She writes like she cares and interacts as well and her design posts are very stylish.” —Allam1 | View Allam1's favorites
  • “This blog was the blog that launched a thousand great ideas and more. It is a joy to go to every day and hips me to so many good ideas to boot!” —MissDottie19 | View MissDottie19's favorites

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