Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “I love this blog because it features great finds you can actually buy, and it helps people move things on craigslist as well. Win-win. Plus Keyse is brilliant and talented.” —madamecruz | View madamecruz's favorites
  • “Amazingly edited selection of craigslist finds!” —fabiovalentino | View fabiovalentino's favorites
  • “amazing selection of craigslist finds - easily the best in new england. i've furnished my apartment on a dime via keyse's blog, and it looks great!” —curvatura | View curvatura's favorites
  • “I found so many things via keyse (one item from the woman herself!) and each one is as unique as the next. She's got a great eye and does all the dirty work of craigslist searching for us. :) ” —lwarecki | View lwarecki's favorites
  • “She compulsively combs Boston's Craigslist for vintage modern stuff so I no longer have to and I can get on with my life. ” —KrisMA | View KrisMA's favorites
  • “It's brilliant! I love her taste in the furniture she chooses.” —iresb | View iresb's favorites
  • “because it makes me happy to post :) xo” —keyse | View keyse's favorites

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