Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Maria finds the most stunning images... and helps this color-phobe by feeding by brain about color. :-)” —emjohnston | View emjohnston's favorites
  • “Colour me happy is always right on design advice...copy and print out for your design file advice, I my opinion invaluable colour rules !” —camdesign | View camdesign's favorites
  • “Maria writes about colour and shares secrets and techniques of good design is a way that is accessible to all, and never patronizing.” —libraryann | View libraryann's favorites
  • “Because Maria's blog is so beautiful,informative and not at all condescending, because Maria is so darn adorable, and professional all at the same time, and she writes nice things on my blog, I vote for Maria's blog as one of my all time favourites.” —Shawna3 | View Shawna3's favorites
  • “I've learned more from Maria than from magazines or interior decorating classes. She not only knows her stuff but knows how to teach it well. I now understand all about beiges and their understones, how to create tablescapes and how to create and test for colour flow - to name a few! I love her blog and check each day to see if she has a new post and when she does I get a big smile!” —marlo2469 | View marlo2469's favorites
  • “very educational.” —tamstyles | View tamstyles's favorites
  • “I am always informed and inspired after reading Maria's blogs. Her's was one of the first I discovered and even though there are dozens of others now on my daily reading list, it is hers that I go-to first. - Karen H” —ediredesign | View ediredesign's favorites
  • “It is inspirational and educational-even for a fellow designer! Love it.” —carriebarron1 | View carriebarron1's favorites
  • “Yes, Maria's blog is educational. But it is her generosity and positive outlook on life that keeps me coming back every day!” —velvetandlinen | View velvetandlinen's favorites
  • “Maria is very generous, professional and has a great sense of humour. Reading her blog is always a quality time full of eye opening ideas and thoroughly chosen images. Her blog is a fabulous and colourful discovery jorney. " Colour me Happy" - what a great name for a blog! It says it all. NR DecoDesign” —Natalie21 | View Natalie21's favorites
  • “Maria has that perfect balance of grace and knowledge and enjoys sharing both. As a fellow designer who specs Benjamin Moore I'm familiar with the palatte; I truly enjoy reading her perspective of color. ” —snling | View snling's favorites
  • “Soooooooo educational.............. which lingers even as I painted a dollhouse this Christmas ('09). I give out Colour Me Happy site to all my friends and clients Denise discountdesignerfabrics.blogspot.com mydeared.wordpress.com” —snakard | View snakard's favorites
  • “Maria is a fantastic blogger: fantastic blog content, very "down to earth" approach, she's always available to talk to you, answers when needed, replies comments... and one thing i find amazing when i read colour me happy is the energy, positive energy, she transmits in every post - and for me this is exactly what makes a very good blogger. Ah, another thing very very very important: she knows what she's talking about! She doesn't just edit photos, but uses them to illustrate her message - by this i mean she shares with all of us what she knows and that's again what blogging is all about. ” —ElianaTomas | View ElianaTomas's favorites
  • “I HAVE to read every post. Maria is so enlightening and inspirational with beautiful images to back her words. I wouldn't miss reading it.” —insideoutcolour | View insideoutcolour's favorites
  • “I look for this blog each day first and foremost...informative, creative and well written..Maria has the ability to catch my attention with "headers" that appeal to my great thirst for colour in clothes, art, and interior design...the best! ” —redstarapache | View redstarapache's favorites
  • “Great pics and great lessons on colour & design!” —GlamaMama | View GlamaMama's favorites
  • “Maria's blog is one of the most informative and colorful. I've learned more about color, its application and its effect on me in one year of reading her blog. I never want to miss a post because it's like attending a Color 101 class and beyond. In addition, Maria is generous, witty and inspiring.” —VictoriaA | View VictoriaA's favorites
  • “down to earth, user friendly, maria has a real message and real voice” —grigg | View grigg's favorites
  • “She is incredibly thoughtful, kind, and talented.” —pancakesandfrenchfries | View pancakesandfrenchfries's favorites
  • “Maria is not into self promotion, yet her expertise and passion for color shines through her posts. I appreciate her informative perspective on color.” —bonnieclagerstrom | View bonnieclagerstrom's favorites
  • “carefully researched and written blogs all about color-love it!” —reperls | View reperls's favorites
  • “I learn from every post. She is very professional but she makes it also fun to follow her blog.” —brillante | View brillante's favorites
  • “fun and inspirational, maria consistently delivers useful information about color, interior design, styling and ...life. she loves what she does and shares everything with her readers. always down to earth and ready to learn herself, this blog is delightful to read and helpful to designers and design-buffs alike.” —artestyling | View artestyling's favorites
  • “Maria rocks! That's why!” —honoluluhoneybaby | View honoluluhoneybaby's favorites
  • “inspirational, informative and fun” —aporter | View aporter's favorites

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