Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “I like that she is Canadian like me and she posts all her DIY, including her amazing pink patterned foyer area.” —HopelessChest | View HopelessChest's favorites
  • “She does an AWESOME job at decorating her apartment inspiring me to try new things in my small place. AND she gives EXCELLENT DIY tips!” —davida_chanel | View davida_chanel's favorites
  • “Great taste on a budget is hard but she makes it look easy. Posts often and always has quick ideas that are easy to incorporate into your space. ” —fdelap | View fdelap's favorites
  • “Her inspirational and budget friendly home ideas are amazing! http://girlwhimsy.blogspot.com” —dykelly625 | View dykelly625's favorites
  • “Not afraid to be a little adventerous in her decor and I love that.” —mrslimestone | View mrslimestone's favorites
  • “It's my favorite because she is so real. She not only posts the DIY that come out as planned, but also those that she has to re-do. That makes her all the more real to me! She has wonderful taste, and it appears that she is passionate about what she does.” —hersandhers | View hersandhers's favorites

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