Why is this blog one of your favorites?

  • “Hilarious commentary.” —ee2485 | View ee2485's favorites
  • “The projects are lovely. The writing makes me cry. This is one of the most joyful blogs I read daily. ” —okorindear | View okorindear's favorites
  • “Katie has the WEIRDEST sense of humor, but she always comes up with fabulous ideas about decor.” —erine85 | View erine85's favorites
  • “Katie pulls off an expensive look in her home for next to nothing and packages it all up for her blog through fun, quirky writing.” —kaseytlb | View kaseytlb's favorites
  • “Fun blog with a great sense of humour!” —dvernon | View dvernon's favorites
  • “Katie is a southern cutie and has lots of DIY projects up her sleeve! She's very clever and is frugal to boot!” —CarMaj | View CarMaj's favorites
  • “Excellent commentary and ideas- LOVE Katie‚Äôs fantastic sense of humor and writing! Fresh ideas and totally do-able ideas!” —TeamAlix | View TeamAlix's favorites
  • “Katie you are so awesome. I LOVE your sense of humor, sometimes so much so that I find myself giggling out loud...ha! You know your stuff around home improvement projects, especially in documenting them for newbies like me who need step-by-step visual aid, ha! So thank you and keep up the good work!” —mrsdecor8 | View mrsdecor8's favorites
  • “Love love love her writing style! She makes me smile daily. :)” —AJM13 | View AJM13's favorites
  • “My favorite new find” —jmartin31 | View jmartin31's favorites
  • “Homey, crafty, funny...” —lesterisagirl | View lesterisagirl's favorites
  • “Katie is not only super talented, but she also writes in a way that makes you feel like you are with your quirky best friend all day long. It's inspiration and humor wrapped up in one hilarious blog. ” —thecrainsnest | View thecrainsnest's favorites
  • “good decorating mixed w/ super funny funny writing. ” —queenofthehouseblog | View queenofthehouseblog's favorites
  • “I just love all the projects she takes on, and she has such a gorgeous home! ” —moondancerjen | View moondancerjen's favorites
  • “You're never quite sure what she's going to say, but it's always a fun read, and the decor/DIY inspiration is great!” —rissamah | View rissamah's favorites
  • “A fountain of creativity & DIY reno advice. Oh and katie's pretty funny, too. =]” —freckleschick4 | View freckleschick4's favorites
  • “Love her sense of humor and classic style.” —crabcake | View crabcake's favorites
  • “This blog is hilarious! So cute and literally laugh out loud when I read it! My hubs thinks I am silly, but I love it.” —aprilhickman | View aprilhickman's favorites
  • “I love Katie's quirkiness and great decorating ideas!” —anyeager | View anyeager's favorites
  • “SO funny” —puppydogjm | View puppydogjm's favorites
  • “Katie is funny, helpful, and real. Great ideas and a beautiful home. ” —audreyc | View audreyc's favorites

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