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  • “Lots of blogs cover all the same people, places, and things. This one takes me back in time, posting about design history and style icons who have influenced the way we live now. It's encyclopedic and has taught me a lot. I learn something new every day.” —BobsYourUncle | View BobsYourUncle's favorites
  • “It's well-written, the author posts regularly, and I learn something new every single time I read it.” —eiwalch | View eiwalch's favorites
  • “a smart and sexy man who writes a smart and sexy blog.” —visualvamp | View visualvamp's favorites
  • “Bravo, Mitchell Owens.” —549jq7 | View 549jq7's favorites
  • “Individualistic and delightful sensibility.” —Riley112 | View Riley112's favorites
  • “Beautifully and thoughtfully written, well-researched info, interesting perspective which often makes me re-think, great photos to illustrate the point, too!” —susu713 | View susu713's favorites
  • “I always learn something that interests me greatly when I visit this blog!” —mydogearedpages | View mydogearedpages's favorites
  • “Eclectic wit, a canny eye and wide-ranging interests” —lizhensley | View lizhensley's favorites

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